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Sunday, March 16, 2014

First Taobao Order Pt. 3: Second Payment and Shipping!~

YAY!! This last post is the last of the Taobao series (and in my opinion, the most important) before my actual Taobao haul! (I'm not sure if I'm gonna do a video haul or not yet!)

Part One of Taobao Help 
Part Two Taobao Help

What I'll cover in this post:
1) Second payment (for shipping to you)
2) What to do if you want to change shipping!
3) How to pay for shipping

Going right into this, if you remember from where we left off in Part 2, we were waiting for my last items to arrive from Bhiner! I went and saw they arrived on March 12th (around 4 am Central Time for me), and immediately set to pay it right then and there!~

Initially, I chose DHL for my shipping method! But when all my items arrived and got weighed the shipping price was super expensive! (DHL ups the price if there is a brand name item in your package and also goes by volume weight which is heavier than weight alone)! 

I got really freaked when I saw the price for the shipping, so I decided to ask Bhiner to change my shipping method!!~ Luckily, they have a Skype account!! I sent a request to friend them and they accepted it literally seconds after I requested it c: Then I asked them to change my shipping method (yes, it's allowed!) and they asked for my order number~

After I asked it took a few minutes for them to go into my account and change my shipping method c: When they did they told me and I went right into paying!

The payment process for the second payment is actually quite similar to the first! 

Instead of DHL, I chose EMS because it was cheaper and the price is dependent on the package's actual weight c:~ Anyways, you add money to your Bhiner account from the amount that is shown in the photo above c:! (Ah..I didn't mark out the price on this so you can seea good estimate of the shipping cost! This is actually cheap compared to what it was before!)

If you need to figure out how to add money to your account go back to my Part 2~

After you add money, go back to order confirmation screen and choose the percentage amount of value declaration for your package! Honestly, I was extremely confused about what this was, but luckily I was still on Skype with the Bhiner people just in case I had any questions, so I asked them what it was and what to do for my package!

They were obviously a bit confused so I tried my best to make what I wanted clear! It helped as you can see below!

They were really helpful c:~ after I declared my value to the suggested percentage, I check-boxed the Member Agreement thingy and checked-out!~

After this, you've completed your second payment and in the "Orders" section, your order has dropped to Phase 6!

After they ship out your item, they'll add a tracking number c: Email notifications will tell you they sent a message and in that message they will tell you your item has been shipped! After that you can find the tracking number c:~

My next Taobao blog post will be the final and it'll be about what items I got, small reviews for each, links to Taobao for the items, and a review of the shipping and entire Bhiner process!! There'll be a timeline for how long everything took c:~

Have a nice day/night and thank you for reading~


  1. could you make a post/review on all the items you got from taobao c:?

    oh oh oh and like..the apps you use to edit photos?


    1. I've said I was planning on a haul since I began this Taobao series. And I mainly use Camera360 for my Instagram photos.

  2. Hey Bri, I just wanted to comment and let you know I love your blog and think we have similar taste, you're my inspiration for mine. I was wondering if you knew any cool PS 4 games?

    1. That's extremely kind of you darling! Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I don't really know many PS4 games, I didn't want one, I got a PS Vita instead! If it's games about that I could help more.

    2. I was thinking of saving up for a PS4, but do you think I should save for a Vita? And, I would love to know of some cool Vita games!

    3. Honestly, it's a personal preference c:! I have a PS2 and a PS3 already, so I'm not interested in getting the PS4 at all, because I'm quite content with the consoles I have! They both have big libraries already as well! I got the PS Vita, because I love the convenience of handheld games, I already had the PS2 & PS3, and also because the PS Vita has a good library at the moment! I love RPGs and I mainly bought the Vita for the RPG games it offers (and you can play some of the older PSP games!!)

      For the PS Vita I already have Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Persona 4 Golden!
      I'm planning on getting:
      Conception II
      Demon Gaze
      Dangan Ronpa 2
      Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
      and more!~

    4. Ooh! Zero Escape sounds awesome! How is it?

    5. I don't know I haven't gotten it yet haha..but it's the sequel to a game called 999 for short.

    6. Are you familiar with the computer game "The Path"? It's awesome!
      You should check it out!

  3. what exactly is the percentage to declare package??? i still don't understand :c

    1. I'm not entirely sure myself, that's the reason I asked them! I'm guessing it has to do with customs and if they see it at a specific price they'll stop it! Declaring it a lower price might make it go by faster maybe?

  4. I really want to order from taobao, but I just haven't bother to go through a shopping service yet :S

  5. how much did it cost for everything? like both the first and second payment?

  6. Hi, you can use a third party parcel tracking tool to help you retrieve your order tracking info after purchasing from TaoBao.