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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

♡ Hime-style Watch Unboxing/Review ♡

Today's blog post is a review of a super cute watch I bought myself!~ 

The watch came in envelope and was packaged in this cute little box!~

The watch itself was rolled over this little pillow in a package which had an instruction manual!

The instructions were in English, but since I know how to work a watch they weren't really needed by me c: 

This is the watch's picture on the site!

This is the watch up close to me :3! I was extremely pleased that it looked exactly as shown! 

I have tiny wrists, but the watch has many little holes for adjusting! But you should always measure your wrists before buying watches! The product page has the length on the watch so you can see if it fits you!~

Review Breakdown

Price: The watch is a little less than $20, and it doesn't feel cheap or too light. If anything it has a good, solid weight and it looks more expensive than it actually is~ 

Shipping: I don't normally buy from Aliexpress because I've heard many bad stories, but it's basically like eBay without Paypal! My seller has extremely good customer feedback, so I bought it from them and they shipped the next day (Placed order on March 1st and received March 12th~)! Shipping for this item was free~ 

Item: It worked right out of the package c: It was just ticking away!~The little diamonds (fake I'm sure) on the front are secure and they're all level, so I can't seem them popping out anytime soon! The gold is gorgeous, and I don't usually like gold so that's saying something! I have no idea how the cute birdies and flowers are situated inside the watch, but even shaking it up didn't disturb them (or the pearls!)

Overall: I'm completely satisfied with this purchase! I don't regret it a bit and the price was more than fair c: 5/5! ♡ 

Before buying this watch, please make sure to check the measurements, and PLEASE message the seller to ask if the white watch the I have is still in stock!! The last time I talked to the seller, they said that my watch was the last white one!! It's still listed on the product page, but to be safe please send a message asking!

Thank you so much for reading!~