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Friday, November 22, 2013

My thoughts on buying from the UK Lush site!! ♡

I finally bought some Lush products (to see what I bought go here!) and instead of buying from the United States online store, I tried out the UK site because I heard it was cheaper and still came around the same time! I ordered 3 small tubs and my shipping came to 5.95 British pounds, which is roughly $9.64 in US Dollars! The shipping price depends on the sizes and since my package was up to 1 kg (about 2 lbs) I only paid the 5.95 British pounds! It was ok since the US site has shipping for like $10! 

Where I got savings though was from the products themselves! The UK site has all of the same products the US site does and some extras! I honestly recommend getting a Currency Converter for yourself online or on your app, so you can see the actual prices, but they ARE cheaper! For example, the smallest tub of Aqua Marina on the US site is $13.95 while on the UK sire it's 6.35 British pounds (roughly $10!!!)! 

I'm also not sure if it's also on the US site, but when you buy more than one item on the UK site you get tiny discounts for buying more than one item :>! 

What you're probably wondering the most about though is shipping! On the UK site, shipping to the US is considered international and you get your item within 7 working days. I bought my order on the 13th of November, shipped the 14th or 15th (I can't remember) and it came to my doorstep today on the 22nd! I live in TX and it came exactly as it said :> The only thing I didn't like was that there was no tracking number :c I guess it's not a huge deal because it came on time, but I'm a bit anxious when I don't know where my items are!

All in all, if you're iffy or nervous about buying from the UK site, there's no reason to be :>! I'm super happy about the shipping and delivery and can't wait to try out my items! I'll be doing a review on those in about a week or two! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it helped a bit :>!  


  1. thanks for this post Bri, I've been weighing whether to order from the UK or USA site for ages and used a currency converter and everything, but for some reason it was more expensive on the UK site ?__? I'm not sure why, maybe I will have to compare again, because I know a few people have said its cheaper on the UK site !

    1. You're totally welcome!! I think it'd be best to compare again because I saved like $25 dollars buying from the UK site :>!! I hope it works out for you as well as it did for me!! *kisses*