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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Must-Have Item: American Apparel Skirts

Today was a request post from one of my adorable followers! She suggested that I give a sort of review about American Apparel skirts because she's been wanting some! I was raving about it on my Twitter one night and she requested it then :> and I promised I'd do this for her! So on with the post!

The skirts, in particular the denim and corduroy skirts, from American Apparel are quite a popular item among people who I follow! Several of my followers have at least one and wear them in very cute ways! I bought my first one last spring and I've been in love ever since! I bought 2 last month and I'm planning on buying 2-3 more! :>

These skirts are very flirty and they're of amazing quality! The denim doesn't have any strings or loose ends EVER and the corduroy skirts are just the same. They're so versatile in the ways you can wear them it's crazy and they're heavy enough so that they won't fly up when the wind picks up on them :> 

They also come in lots of pretty colors! These are my favorites c: I own the top left (light blue denim), the burgundy, and the tan (not pictured), but I'm planning on buying the black, white, lavender, pink, and mint colors! I already own all of those color skater skirts, but I've been selling my clothing on a separate Instagram page here! I'm selling my lavender and mint skater skirts actually! And I'm gonna sell my white skirt soon c:

I don't have any big problems about these skirts beside two things! The sizing and the price!

Starting with the sizing, it's really difficult for me to choose between Small and Medium, but I buy ALL my AA skirts in medium. I usually stuff my tops into my skirts, which makes them fit perfectly, but with crop tops and thinner shirts the skirts are a bit big until I stuff my tummy full of food c: I would go for a small, but it's a tight fit on my waist! I wear my skirts high-waisted all the time so it'd most likely fit me above my waist but I'm sticking with Mediums. I'd look at their sizing charts or go try them on at an actual American Apparel!

Sorry for the rambling, but the second problem I have with these skirts are the PRICE! The denim skirts are regularly priced at $46 each, while the corduroy skirts are priced at $48 each! Pretty pricey for some skirts, but they last a long time, are versatile, and are of great quality, so I don't mind spending that much c:~

All in all I totally recommend buying these skirts! You can find the denim version here and the corduroy version here

Any questions or comments leave below and I'll get back to you asap! Or for a quicker response go here!

Thanks for reading sweethearts! *kisses*

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  1. I have the black corduroy one and I would really recommend it especially now that it's colder it looks really cute with anything c:

    1. I'm probably gonna get the black denim one since it's cheaper :>!

  2. I have the natural denim circle skirt & I love it a lot because it goes well with everything :3 I'm also planning to get the lavender one too! Love your post! xo


  3. Absolutely in love with your blog! ◕ ◡ ◕
    - Habichiku

  4. Your blog is so cute, ahh!! You should get the American Apparel coupon that groupon has right now!!! I don't have the $$ atm for American Apparel, but maybe you would like to get it so you can get your skirts for a good deal? :3


    1. Thank you so much aw :>!! I'll be sure to find it when I get paid later this week!~ *kisses*