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Monday, November 25, 2013

Sheinside vs. Ebay ♡

Hello kittens! You remember my Sheinside post from a week or two ago right? Well, denounce it from your mind. Completely forget I ever wrote it. Sheinside is an online clothing company, yes, but they are a reseller. A reseller that hikes up it's prices just to make profit for themselves just like any other clothing company! They, on the other hand, have a sponsorship program that sends out clothes to bloggers who get the word out to their followers about the company, so they can make more sales! 
It wouldn't be that bad if Sheinside wasn't such a shady company :s It makes me cringe just thinking about how I almost gave into their sponsorship program aware of how shady they are to actual buyers. Bloggers who get free clothes from the (not naming any names) company vouch for them all the time, because they don't buy the clothes from Sheinside themselves. There are some that do it repeatedly, but it doesn't make me trust what they're saying or Sheinside themselves. Yes, the clothes are darling. Yes, I want it too. But no, I don't want to take that risk with such a company. 
I've heard/read horror stories by customers who've never received their order or got the wrong thing! Quality shouldn't be expected to be the greatest because it is a Chinese wholesale site, but that all depends on who wants it. 

I'm never wasting money on Sheinside and if you do, there's nothing wrong with that!! Do you what you want kitten! Just be careful! If you're sponsored by Sheinside and you're reading this, it's nothing personal against you!

What this blog post is actually about is Ebay compared to Sheinside. Since Sheinside is a Chinese wholesale site, you can find most, if not all, of the products on that site on Ebay. I'm gonna give a few finds that I've found because Sheinside is pretty expensive and also because I trust Ebay sellers more. 

I'll be giving the Sheinside prices and Ebay prices + links. 

One of the cutest caridgans on the Sheinside site. I've wanted it for myself for a while but didn't decide to get it because I didn't trust Sheinside. It's $25 on that site. $14.99 on Ebay. 

$30 on Sheinside

$35 on Sheinside.

$36 on Sheinside.

$22 on Sheinside.

$25 on Sheinside.

I saw this dress once on Sheinside and it was around $30-$40! 

That's all I have to say on the matter of Sheinside. I'm deleting that post I wrote a few weeks ago and I regret ever trying to promote their store. I hope you all are a bit more informed and forgive me!
Enjoy the links :> love you and until next time *kisses*~

By the way, have you noticed the tiny changes on my blog :>? IT'S READY FOR CHRISTMAS!! 


  1. I think it's just mixed review on SheInside to be honest! Even when not sponsored all of my experiences have been amazing! c:

    1. Eh, it is all up to the person. But the only thing I can vouch for them when you're NOT sponsored is that that email you back pretty quickly! That's about it tho :s you can find anything they have cheaper on Ebay or Sammydress!~ :>

  2. It's extremely disappointing to hear how some stores trea their customers. ��

    1. It is :c! There shouldn't even be one complaint about never receiving their orders :c

  3. I've never worked with or bought from Sheinside. I've heard of it. But after your post, why not buy all the cute clothes you want from ebay for 1/3 the price but with PP/Buyer protection? Thanks for writing this post! :D