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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lush Buys/Wishlist!

Today's post is about Lush! I bought my first Lush order online yesterday and I'm really excited because I've wanted to for a while now! I'm gonna show what I bought and then my wishlist for my next purchase :3!

Aqua Marina                           Ocean Salt                          Mask of Magnaminty

If you've never heard of Lush, it's a face/body shop that sells fresh, handmade products that use natural ingredients and they don't test on animals! 

I finally decided to give it a try because I've heard such great things about their products and also because my face broke out in a rash! :c It's going down now, so I'm thinking it was because of either a late reaction to a foundation I had been previously using or because of the drastic weather change around where I live!

I'm most excited to try Aqua Marina and Ocean Salt because I love the idea of calamine soothing my face (Aqua Marina) and I adore face scrubs (Ocean Salt)! I really only chose Mask of Magnaminty because I love minty products :> it was also one of the few masks you can buy online since you don't have to refrigerate it!

 My face is combination, with my T-Zone (pictured above) being quite oily and shiny! While my forehead, cheeks, and chin are usually more on the dry side :c!

Hopefully Ocean Salt can help the dryness, while Aqua Marina clears up the oiliness of my T-Zone! 

I bought my items from the Lush UK site, because the prices are actually cheaper than the US site! Altogether I spent about $35 total for the smallest sizes on everything and standard shipping! If I had bought from the US site, I would've spent about $58 I believe! I purchased everything yesterday afternoon and it shipping just this morning/afternoon :>! 

Now that I've shown what I bought here's what I'm planning on for my next purchase :>!!

Lush also gives free samples with every order! I can't wait until my order comes in! I recommend ordering from the UK site, but if you're not comfortable read up on how it IS cheaper here

Here's an Ocean Salt review from a cute blogger I follow! Here's an Aqua Marina review here also! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and when my Lush order comes in expect a review! :-) If you want to read more, check out my Sheinside favorites, Christmas Wishlist, and more!

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