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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shop Spotlight: Storedogdog.net ♡

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to make this review, all opinions are my own and everything I mentioned was paid for by my own hard-earned money! 
I haven't written a shop spotlight in so long, but I decided to write one about one of my favorite online shops, Store Dog Dog! It's a Chinese based online store that sells different types of clothing that caters to a lot of different styles! They have free shipping and the prices are really affordable and they also have a discount code ("DOGDOG" gets you 10% off of your order over $20!). 

To date, I've made 3 orders with them and I've been extremely pleased with each order and the arrival time! This post will show-off some of their products in store and also I'll show off the order I've made with them recently because it arrived today!~ So on with the post!! 
Some of my favorite products from them are down below and if I'm not mistaken nothing is over $30, so like I said Store Dog Dog is really affordable! 
Many of this shop's products are from Taobao, which is a basically a Chinese eBay! Click here to look at all my posts about Taobao (how to order from there, my hauls, etc.) The pricing is very similar if not just a few dollars more than ordering from Taobao itself which is why I love Store Dog Dog so much! Most resellers hike up prices like crazy just because they know a lot of people don't know how to shop directly from their supplier! A shop known for this practice is Inu-Inu, who I've never shopped from and never will. You can find more information about Inu-Inu and their malpractices here, but I'm not going into details on my blog. I just really don't recommend them at all

This was my recent order! I decided to splurge a little bit for myself this time 

Placed Order: September 19th, 2015
Shipped: September 21st, 2015 (Monday)
Delivered: September 26th, 2015 (Saturday)

This was the fastest I'd ever received an order from Dog Dog, but on average I usually get my package a week and a half after it's shipped! You get your items extremely fast and it's free! (They have DHL for a lot extra, but this standard shipping was amazing!)
I got this holographic iPhone 6 case (they also have 5 & 6+ cases like this!) because I'm planning on upgrading to that within the next two weeks! I expected it to be a hard case, but it was a thick plastic one that bends, while the "holographic" part was just a shiny cardboard placed in a clear case! I like it well enough and it was only $6.95 so I'm happy! 
I've been waiting a long time to order this crop top because I never really knew what else to order with it! I'm really glad I ordered it this time because it fits me well and the heart stays together for the most part! The material is a thick cotton that stretches a lot, but the neckline is kinda tight! Not tight enough to choke me, but if it was a size smaller I would've died probably (lol just kidding, but seriously it's kinda tight). The only strange thing about the top was that there was a faint yellow-ish stain all around the heart cut-out, but I'm almost positive that it's like that because it was burned to cut out the heart shape or the edges were burned so there wouldn't be any frays or loose ends :> It's barely noticeable and the top was about $9.95 so I'm really happy overall with this!
I've ordered a tennis skirt from Dog Dog previously (the pink plaid one) and I made sure to pay attention to the size chart that's provided! I went with the size that was closest to my waist size (size up if you're between like I did!!) and it fit me perfectly ♥ Of course, being folded caused it to be a bit wrinkly, but that's nothing an iron can't fix!~ I'm unsure if the sizes of the skirt are really consistent with all of them, but they're close. This skirt fit me a teeny bit large even though it was the same size as the other skirt I got, both were $12.95 each!
The skirt I was waiting for Dog Dog to put on their site was this one! They uploaded the lavender option a week before this, but I saw it on Taobao and knew they'd upload the pink eventually and they did! 
This was a "ONE SIZE" skirt, but the waistband is very stretchy! The size chart says it can fit up to 32 in waists!! I found the color to be really similar to what was shown on the website, a peachy pink color! 
The heart cutouts were very neat, and there was a short slip underneath! I'm about 5'2.5 and it hit me around mid-thigh and it was a really consistent length all around for me (which usually doesn't happen for skirts on me!)! I adore this skirt, the quality is amazing, and the material was a thick, soft cotton. It was only about $17.95 and I can't wait to wear it out, I'm even planning on picking up the lavender version my next order! 
I really recommend you check out Store Dog Dog (and don't forget to use the code "DOGDOG" for 10% off your orders over $20!!), they work really hard to make people happy with their orders, have fast shipping, and wonderful products! 

I was not sponsored or anything similar to make this review, I bought everything with my own money!!~

Thank you for reading ♥ 


  1. I don't really like inu-inu eather, But store dog-dog is so much mlre affortable and have so many cute stuff! I love everyting you got an you look adorable in it (seen it on twitter) ♡ I think I might order from them soon c:


    1. Thank you love ♡ And you should!! Thanks for reading!~

  2. Cute stuff, but do the skirts fit good? And how are the lengths of them?

    1. I clearly said they fit and that the lengths were good! Thanks for reading.

  3. The pink skirt with the heart cut outs looks adorable!! Definitely checking out dog dog now <3 I love a good inexpensive asian online store. Followed you via Bloglovin' too! Stay Kawaii~

    BCfactor Blog

  4. I figured you would get the lavender skirt as well when I went to the website first and then read your blogpost. I'm actually pleasantly suprised that they have some clothing in their store that would actually fit me. Thanks for posting about this store!

  5. OMG I want! Thank you for introducing us to Store Dog Dog, I didn't know about it before!


  6. I love the skirt with the hearts~! I really need to shop at this store now <33


  7. I really want to order the heart shape shirt and wanted to know how the sizing was! I get very scared on order shirts online :< Any tips on how to properly size? Thanks so much!