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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy New Year!~ Updates & Cute Finds!

Welcome back to my blog for another year!! I apologize for the rather abrupt hiatus for the past few months, but school last semester totally kicked my butt! Luckily, this semester I've decided to take time off of school to focus on other things (school-related and personal!) so I'll have more time to write new posts! :> I'm going to try and get in the habit of making more review posts for this blog (especially makeup!) and hopefully more lifestyle posts! I'm trying out a new layout for my blog (new header, buttons, etc.) and I hope you like it!~

It's already nearing the end of the first month of the new year and I'm a bit shocked at how fast it's gone by~

To start with, here are a few cute things I found online as a gift to start the new year!

Sailor Moon wallet (other colors available)

I ordered this wallet two weeks ago and it's been wonderful! Good quality for such an affordable price!!~

nerdy essentials tote bag 
I ordered this just yesterday!! I've been in need of a tote bag with normal length straps and this fit the bill quite nicely! The seller only had a limited number available so I ordered as fast as I could!

'i'd rather be sleeping' buttons

glitter platform sneakers (other colors available) 

Earth Sucks Pin Set (can buy separately!)
I want the little alien body so badly! 

kitty backpack (other colors available)

Power Girls Pop Femme zine

study buddy zine 

If you're in school this semester best of luck to you! If you're not, still I hope good times come for you soon~!

Please look forward to another update soon!


  1. That sailor moon purse it so cute payday hurry soon ...x

  2. the tote bag!! *u*


  3. yaw *-* I'm in love with all these things! I want this Sailor Moon wallet, the tote bag and cute alien items <3