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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Clarisonic Mia Review ♡

Hi there darlings! I'm finally writing up this review that was requested a few months ago!! I'll just dive right in, so here we go! 
What I'm reviewing today is the Clarisonic Mia! It's a facial cleansing system that supposedly cleanses 6 times better than normal hand washing! I decided to splurge and buy it back in May after reading one of my friends, Karina, bought and reviewed her own!! (She started a new blog recently, so follow her and look out for her posts!~) She spoke very highly of it, so I was pretty excited to get mine! I went to Ulta and picked up the light pink one you see above! 
This is the simplest model of the Clarisonic Mia line and runs about $99! It comes with the Mia, a starter brush head, a charger, and a 1 oz bottle of facial cleanser! You don't have to use the cleanser it comes with, but I did because I wanted to try something new. However, if you already have a favorite cleanser you should be able to use it with the Mia fine. 
Pictured above is the full size bottle (6 oz) of the cleanser that it comes with! It usually runs about $25 per bottle, but I didn't run out of the 1 oz bottle for about a month and a half with daily use! I really like this cleanser which is why I purchased the full size after running out :> (I used coupons and rewards points at Ulta of course haha!) It claims to "relieves and protects oily and congested skin" and I'd definitely have to agree with the the relieving of congested skin claim!! 
My skin type is dry/combination (one of the worst types to have I heard...I'm normal on my cheeks, oily on my T-Zone (nose), and dry between my brows, above my brows, under my nose, and on my chin!) and this cleanser does a good job of sucking away any oiliness from my T-Zone, while being gentle on my dry parts! Personally, however, if I wait too long to apply my moisturizer after cleansing with this my face minus my cheeks get really flaky and dry because it strips the moisture so much :< 
I do very much love this cleanser, I wear face makeup very frequently (whether it's just blush or a full on face including medium/heavy foundation) and after wiping off as much as I can with a makeup wipe then using this, it's like a breath of fresh air. I feel as if my pores are completely clear of any makeup and it's a really good thing because it causes less breakouts! 
One of the other things you get with the Mia like I mentioned before, are the brush heads! They usually run about $27 and up depending on the brush head and they have 2-packs that are usually $44! Ulta sometimes runs promotions where you can buy one and get the next for 50%, but I've only seen it once (last week!). Originally, my Mia came with the "Sensitive" brush head (which claims to be for all skin types!!), but after a while I found it way too abrasive on my skin :< so when it was time to replace it (you're supposed to replace your brush heads every 3 months!) I opted to get the "Delicate" brush head which is supposed to be a bit softer compared to the "Sensitive" and for extra-sensitive skin! 
I found the "Delicate" to be a better match for me, because while it is softer than the "Sensitive" brush head, it still cleanses deeply and makes me face feel clean after use! I highly recommend the "Delicate" brush head if you try out the "Sensitive"! 
Simply put, the charger for the Mia is a magnetic little circle that connects to the bottom handle! When the Mia needs to charge, it vibrates once after you finish using it! When you connect it to the handle it vibrates once and gives off a tiny light to show it's charging! When it's done it vibrates twice and you're good to go! ♥ I've found that with daily use I only need to charge after a week to a week and a half, which is really good in my opinion. 
Either once or twice a day (morning/night), over the sink, or in the shower, I use my Clarisonic Mia after wiping my entire face down with my makeup wipes! (I get them in bulk for about $1 per pack, but looking online I don't really see them for a comparable price :<)
I'd really suggest you wipe down your face down with a makeup remover wipe, especially if you're wearing makeup, before you use the Mia! If you don't I don't think it serves your best interests because the cleanser would have to work twice as hard to remove the dirt and makeup from your face! After I finish wiping my face and cleansing I apply my moisturizer, Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator! The Mia claims that with use, moisturizers sink in your skin better! With my first use, my moisturizer melted so fast into my skin that I couldn't believe it. 
All in all, I'd really recommend splurging on the Clarisonic Mia if you can! After a few months of use my skin has gotten brighter and smoother and my makeup goes on much better than before! 
Sorry for all the rambles, but I'm happy I finally completed this review! I don't do a lot of skincare/makeup reviews, so I wasn't sure how this would go! 

Thank you for reading ♥ 


  1. Great review Bri! ;A; After reading this, I'm even more tempted to get it *u* I've only heard good things about the Clarisonic Mia~ I think we have really similar skin types so I'm happy to hear that this worked so well for you! c: Thank you so much for writing this review <3
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. You're very welcome, Kiyomi~ I'm glad you enjoyed this review!! Hoo boy, this skin type is one of the worst types haha, it frustrates me so much at times! Thank you for reading~

    2. You're very welcome, Kiyomi~ I'm glad you enjoyed this review!! Hoo boy, this skin type is one of the worst types haha, it frustrates me so much at times! Thank you for reading~

  2. Great review! I've been really debating on getting a clarisonic. I keep hearing so many good things about it. Have you tried anything that is similar to it that isn't as expensive?

    1. Thank you!! c: I really haven't tried anything similar to this :< I was using my hands to wash my face before! There might be comparable things if you Google search it, however! Thank you for reading~

  3. Thanks so much for the review! I used to wear so much makeup and it's really affecting my skin - it's now more sensitive than ever. I should probably look after it more and get one of these facial cleansing systems ;D

  4. great review, it looks great

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