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Friday, March 13, 2015

Cute Organization!~

Hello!! I'm really sorry it's been almost 2 months since my last blog post! I'm still trying to get used to posting more and finding blog topics, but I'll do better c: I promise! 

Today's blog post is about organization and planners! Mostly me showing off what cute things I use to organize myself (like school notes, appointments, etc. etc.). I'm an avid user of a planner/agenda and more times than not I have it on my person at ALL times. 

This is the planner I currently use! I always, always buy a new planner about a month before school so I've had this planner since July 2014! It started July 2014 I believe and it ends at December 2015! It's a pocket-size (about 5.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide??) and I use it for just about everything I need to plan. (Sorry mine is pretty dirty and tattered LOL, I use it tons.)

Here's this month and as you can see I use it to put my work days, my paydays, figure preorders, etc. etc! This planner has a month view (like pictured) and a weekly view afterwards (which I use for homework assignments!) I love it so much, and I adore the size, but I wish it had more pockets for me to put a pen or some sticky notes! 

Here's a couple of sticky notes/to-do lists that I currently own! I got these all from eBay and I've linked a few of them on a previous blog post here! I use these in my planner, around my desk to remember things, and also in my textbooks for studying and notes! They're super cheap and I always buy in bulk because how could I not? 

Here are a few writing utensils I use for staying organized! The top photo are my very favorite highlighters called, Zebra Mildliners! They're super pretty, pastel (because neon colors bother my eyes), and they're double-sided! The top half if the normal chisel tip for highlighters, while the bottom is a more fine/marker type point c: I think it's really convenient and they work quite well! I have 2 sets of these because I accidentally lost the first pack! So they're my back-up~

The bottom half is a color pen set! I used to have 10, but the last two are lost in the depths of my backpack or car haha! They come in 10 different colors and they're super fine! I use them to write notes or to mark things in the calendar of my planner! The ink skips sometimes, but I got them for pretty cheap (around $6) so I won't complain!

The lone pink pen off to the right is my number-one go to pen! It's called the Pentel Energel I believe and I'm extremely picky about pens because of comfort, ink, and the way a pen writes! (I got this habit from my mother haha). It's pink because it's to support Breast Cancer Research (every 5 cents of a pack sold goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!) and the ink is black, and it's said that the ink is the best for left-handed people because the ink dries so quickly! (I had the issue of having ink on the bottom of my left hand, but not anymore.) All in all, this pen is perfect and I have about 6 packs strewn about my room for this specific pen! I also have it in purple and blue c:~ I HIGHLY recommend it if you're left-handed, but even if you're right-handed it's still great!!

Now that I've finished with the items I usually use to organize myself, I'll show the new items I bought! Like I said before, my current planner is wonderful, but the lack of space to hold at least a pen or some extra sticky notes grates on my nerves and is pretty inconvenient! So I did a bit of research yesterday and bought a new planner! This planner is about to have refill pages (meaning I won't have to buy a new planner every single year! 

This is what I've purchased c: 

The planner brand is Filofax, which is a pretty well-known (and apparently quality) brand! I wasn't really interested in getting a Filofax because most of the colors were dark and ugly! There was a perfect Lavender one, but it turns out it's really dark in real-life pictures and reviews! So I opted to get this mint/Tiffany blue one! (It's called Duck Egg Blue so idk..)

I didn't want to stray too far from the normal sized planner that I already have (because I can fit it in my purse so easily) so I got the "Pocket" size! 

Since the months and weeks are able to be refilled I tried to find a cute place to make my inserts for me (because I'm not really good at photoshop or whatever is used to make them haha!). 

I was able to find a really nice Etsy seller who had wonderful templates and she's going to make me custom-made inserts for my planner c:!!! 

Here's her basic template for the monthly view! I asked for a color scheme change (and I asked for several more items in her shop) and she says it'll all be done by Tuesday c:!~ 

I also bought 3 of these big paper clips! I'm only gonna use one at a time though...so I clearly went overboard on shopping for my planner haha;;

I ended up purchasing all of them except Kiiroitori (the birdy~)! Here's a link to them! 

I'm pretty sure that I showed everything I meant to c: I just started my Spring Break and I'm not going anywhere special, but hopefully it turns out fun! I need the break from school so much. Hopefully, I'll be able to blog again in a few days c: I hope you enjoyed my blog post and maybe if I love my planner enough I'll show it more in-depth when I get everything!! 

If you have ANY questions about this blog post or a request feel free to send them here!!~

I'm also selling my gently used clothing and some items in my new shop on an app called, Depop! It can be downloaded for Apple and Android! c: It uses Paypal to check out (you don't need a Paypal account to check out, I believe, but it helps!) My username on it is: @babyofcry and I've already sold 10 items c: feel free to check it out when you can!!


  1. Cute post! Been missing your posts lately, but totally understand what youre dealing with! x
    love - mikeystyle.com

  2. Thank you ♡! I'm already planning m next blog posts c:

  3. I usually start a planner then I completely stop! Making everything cute will definitely make me want to use it more.

    1. That's how I think of things c:! ♡

  4. Ahh I love stationery ♥ Great to get another blog post from you ~


  5. aw that looks so cute, you should blog more often, I love your posts! ♡

    1. Thank you darling! I want to blog more, it's my goal of this year c:! ♡

  6. Thank you so much for posting this!! I am definitely going to buy some of the items you talked about :3