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Saturday, March 14, 2015

3/14/2015: Random Haul~♡

Hello loves! Today's blog post is really short and simple! I was inspired to write it because a super sweet anon sent me the cutest message on ask.fm about my blog and gave me really cute suggestions! (Whoever you are, thank you so much! ) I got a few cute things today after my work shift so on with the blog post!

Right after work I headed to Ulta Beauty and picked up the Tarte Airbuki Foundation Brush! I already use their Amazonian Clay foundation (and it's pretty good!), but my dog got a hold of my cheap Kabuki brush and bit it to shreds (r.i.p...). This brush was made to work with my foundation, so I hope it works really well :> It's SUPER soft! I also picked up N.Y.X's "Matte Finishing Set Spray". I have problems of oily skin in my T-Zone after a while of wearing my makeup, and I know one of my friends (thinking about you Kat~) who uses this! So I wanted to give it a go :>

The bunny can and the mint green/blue polka dot thing (which is a document holder) are both from Target! I don't know what I'm gonna put inside the document protector, but I've wanted one for a couple of weeks! I work at an office supply store, but our document protectors are ugly and expensive so I was lucky to get this for $1 at Target! The bunny can is gonna be used to hold my pens and pencils at my desk c: It was $1 also!

Finally, the lavender ribbon and the pink gingham baskets are from the Dollar Tree! I love the Easter section in both Target and the Dollar Tree because it's filled with cute, pastel things.

The last thing I got was an anime figure I ordered near the end of February!!~

The Magical Girl Nia (and Boota~) 1/8 scale figure from Phat Company! I've had my eye on her almost since before I became a serious figure collector and I was really pleased I was able to get her preowned in such great condition! She's really beautiful in photos and especially in person! Assembling her was a breeze as well c:

Thanks for reading c: If you wanna be adorable like the last anon, feel free to send me requests for blog posts and things here

Have a great day/evening~


  1. this is a really cute post :)


    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it c:

  2. The NYX matte finishing spray is the most interesting to me. You should def do a review if it's worth the purchase in terms of longevity however for me. Always interested in prolonging the life of my makeup Bri :P

    Anne Bee xo

    1. I'll do my best, my love! <3 And I feel you there~

  3. Great haul, Brianna~ <3 The baskets, the bunny can, and the document holder are all so cute - I love the pattern ;A;
    ~Kiyomi <3

  4. Target always has cute things to organize in the dollar section!