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Monday, February 9, 2015

♡ January Haul ♡ (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hello! Today's blog post was an idea I came up with (randomly and late haha) the other night when I got my monthly order of anime figures and merchandise! I usually post photos of what I get/order on my Twitter, but I decided that maybe I should start writing blog posts and pseudo-reviews on the items I get! Along with links (if possible) to where you can get them! Hopefully, if it goes well (and I feel like I'm not boring you guys to tears, this will become a regular blog post thing c:!) 

Disclaimer: I bought all these items with my own (HARD-EARNED) money, nothing was sponsored or given to me for free. Figure collecting is not a cheap hobby to have, I'd use a lot of caution if you wanna get started! Any more figure collecting questions/recommendations can go here

The two places I ordered from was Rakuten and Amiami! Amiami is where I usually where my figure monthly orders come from but if I continue to make these posts there will be other shops that have my orders as well! But for right now we'll focus on Amiami and Rakuten. The Rakuten box on top of the bigger Amiami box was technically NOT part of my "monthly order" I just saw figures that I wanted and bought them as a treat for myself c: They're also not available on the Rakuten shop I bought them from anymore, so links will not be provided!

Here's an overview of everything that I got c:! 

Starting off with the queen Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill ♡ this is her 1/8 scale Junketsu figure! She stands at around 7 inches tall (though her her sword Bakuzan makes it roughly 9 inches?) 

Her figure was really gorgeous to me and while there was a weird tiny paint bump on the shoulder of her Junketsu she's near flawless to me! Her face looks VERY cute and it was easy to get her into her base! 

The only real issue with assembly that I had was getting her Bakuzan into her hands c: after reading the instructions I realized I had to separate the blade from the hilt and insert it in two different places in her hands c: After the it was quite easy, BUT I've seen other collectors complain about this and some have even accidentally snapped the blades in half ; - ; I was one of the lucky ones! 

All in all with the very minor paint bump on her Junketsu and the really nice sculpt on her body and face I'd personally give her an 8.9/10! I think she was worth the price and she looks beautiful on display with the rest of my fav girls!~ 

You can get Satsuki here!

The next figure I got was the Demon/Devil Homura Akemi nendoroid (Akuhomu for short, to me.)

I was really excited to get her as Homura is one of my favorite Puella Magi characters! Her demon form is one of my favorites as well!

She came with a few accessories and one other face plate (which I changed immediately)! Putting her together and posing her was pretty much solid and easy, but the one issue I had was getting her 'crossed legs' piece into her correctly! It took a few minutes, but I got it in there securely and loved the result! The wings were inserted with a ball joint and were quite easy to insert c: 



Overall, her nendoroid was REALLY nice c: everything fit into place nicely and she 's held up securely and I'm not nervous about her falling forward or backwards! The alternative pieces that she comes with are very nice and I can't wait to change her demon soul gem to tired Kyubey hehe. I give her nendoroid a 9.5/10!

I wanted her the most to match with Goddess Madoka (Godoka for short, to me) and I'm so glad because they look perfect together!!

Godoka was honestly the most annoying nendoroid to put together and I don't like touching her in fear that she'll fall forward or apart! I love her, but she was just very annoying to assemble haha! Godoka is more rare to find so I can't provide that link sorry! It took me months to finally nab her preowned in good condition c:

You can get Akuhomu here!

The last figure of my Amiami haul was the Hinata Shouyo nendoroid! He's from the anime/manga series Haikyuu!!


As soon as I saw his preorder was up, I had to preorder because he's so adorable, kind, and sunny in his series! The nendoroid came packed with a ton of different accessories fit to pose him however we like c: His base was actually a small volleyball court, which I thought was a really amazing addition and it came with a net as well!~

Posing him was relatively easy, though I had some troubles keeping the ball in his hands since there aren't any pegs in his hands to keep it connected c: I eventually got it though!

Everytime I look at him I can't help but smile ;w; he's too adorable and one of the cutest nendoroids I've ever seen~

BONUS: My little sunshines together. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend buying this nendoroid! He's super cute, assembly was easy, and his accessories are really like bonuses without the extra pay!~ I give his nendoroid a 9.5/10!
You can get your own little Hinata here!

The last part of my haul from Amiami was merch from one of my favorite anime/manga series, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun! I fell in love with the anime after giving it a chance when I was bored and needing something to watch and then read the manga when the anime ended! I hope it gets a 2nd season because it seriously deserves it! 

Since I fell in love with it so hard, I made it a personal mission to get any artbooks or fanbooks that would be released and I even have the 5 volumes of manga released in Japanese haha! The sixth volume is releasing this month and I ordered the limited edition version so I'm getting a tiny Mikorin figure ;w; 

But enough about later orders! On to what I got haha!

I got the GSNK official fanbook and a charm of my favorite girl (who's also me), Seo Yuzuki!!!~

As I do with most of my anime charms, I'm gonna put her on my PS Vita c:! The fanbook is really nice and has character guides and official art scans (SOME OF MY FAVORITE OFFICIAL ART PICS ARE IN IT I WAS SO HAPPY)! It's all completely in Japanese, so I have NO idea what it's saying BUT I'm supporting my favorite series and I love the photos so honestly it doesn't matter ;v;

Here are a few of my fav pictures that are in it~

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It's sold out on Amiami (because it was only ordered for the people who preordered), but you can get it from CDJapan! 

The figures I got in the smaller box were from Rakuten! The shop that I bought these all from was Toysanta! It was my first time buying from them and it went quite smoothly!! 

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM RAKUTEN IF YOU ARE A NEWBIE OR IF YOU'VE NEVER BOUGHT FROM THEM BEFORE. I'd personally suggest you stick with the bigger, more well-known sites: Amiami, HLJ, etc. 
If something bad happens from you not ordering correctly, not receiving your item, or not understanding what the emails say (because they're in Japanese/English) don't blame me. 

The 3 figures I managed to get at the same time was Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Mars!~ They're all game-prize figures, so they're relatively cheap! You can't get many game prize figures from Amiami, but you can at HLJ (pretty beginner friendly and allows cancellations), Mandarake and Rakuten (which are more for serious/experienced buyers)

They all stand at about 6.24 inches and they were all easy to assemble c: They look like game prize figures, but the quality was actually pretty nice for the price I paid altogether! I can't wait to get Jupiter and Venus! And I also ordered Pluto (my BABE) and Chibimoon c:~ 

Here are close-ups of them all! Usagi's (Moon) face looks a bit weird to me haha, but it's a game-prize so I didn't expect scale quality and she looks MUCH better in person than photos c: I'm happier with her than I am with a few scales now anyway. Rei (Mars) and Ami (Mercury) looks better quality-wise in my opinion, with Mercury taking the lead! 

I give Moon a 8/10, Mercury a 9/10, and Mars an 8.5/10!

I hope this haul blog post went ok, I'd really appreciate comments and feedback about whether or not you'd be interested in more posts like this ;v; 

Thank you for reading!! 


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