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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Recent Purchases and I'm back~!!

First of all, I'd like to say I'm really sorry for going on a month hiatus!! Before and after my anime convention I was really unispired really and quite tired. Too tired to blog! I've been mainly active on my twitter account and kinda active on my Instagram account! But for right now I'm back! 

This blog post is to show some things I've recently bought! I hope you enjoy it!~

If you haven't noticed (baha kinda impossible) I've bought a couple of anime figures! (Pictured: Ultimate Madoka, Madoka Kaname, Juvia Lockser (my FAVORITE Fairy Tail character), and Kyouko Sakura (my favorite of PMMM). I actually collect them and have been for the past year c: it's a fun, but expensive hobby haha! I've also bought a lot of manga (not pictured!). I'll probably do collective haul/showing of my anime figures, anime, and manga one day c:! My birthday was August 5th and I bought Juvia, Kyouko Sakura, and Madoka Kaname for myself c:~ I just bought Ultimate Madoka the other day because I snagged her for a great deal!~

The two dresses are from Forever 21 and they were only $12.80! I've been needing a black dress for my closet even though I don't like to wear many dark colors! That and the pink dress have better quality than I thought it would be and I'm extremely pleased c:!

I bought the full length mirror just yesterday because I dropped and shattered my cheapy wall mirror after having it for about 2-3 years c: I'm glad I could update it to this beautiful one!~ I hope I love it, it arrives to me on Tuesday from Amazon.com! I also bought The Lengend of Korra Book 2: Spirits! While it's not my favorite season of Korra (it honestly ripped my heart out and stomped on it), I'm glad I got it to complete my current LoK collection! I CANNOT wait until Book 3 is up for preorder/sale, it's been absolutely amazing this season!

And finally, the shoes! I was on the hunt for white shoes to match with my closet (which is mainly white/pink) right now and these were perfect!! I can see them being so versatile and THEY WERE ON SALE!! I got them from ASOS, which I've had great experience shopping online with! I was so in love with the picture of these shoes, I also bought the socks in the picture to go with them! I can now add the gray socks to my ruffle socks collection haha! (I have pink, blue, and mint!!)

Hopefully this was an ok post for you!! I've had a lot of things happen to me lately and I'm excited for things coming up! I'll probably be moving soon and I might be able to do a room tour ;v;!!~ Also, buying various things as well and showing them to you c: And also reviews on more things other than clothes! Like maybe my favorite anime, manga, or how to order anime figures, the list goes on! I want this to be more personal c: 

I'm not very interested in getting sponsored/reviewing items as I once was. I hated doing it and it was one of the reasons I stopped blogging for so long! 

So if you have any ideas c: any at all please feel free to tell me/suggest them to me HERE!!

Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day/night!


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    1. Thanks c:! I got it today and decorated it! Expect a blog post on that soon~

  2. Wahhh you're so lucky~ I'm putting the ultimate Madoka figure on my christmas list xD
    I never knew you liked Fairy tail ;o I love that anime! :D


    1. Ehe~ thank you! And I love Fairy Tail :>. Hardcore fan right here *puts on sunglasses*. I prefer the manga tho uvu.