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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sponsored Review: 6KS Cloud Skirt and Floral Dress ♡

Hello darlings! I'm super, super, super sorry I haven't written a blog post in almost 3 months! Forgive me! As a starter to come back to blogging I'll post this sponsored review!!~

6KS is an online shop that sells extremely cute clothes of all styles! They offer free shipping and almost always have a coupon floating around on the front of their site! Right now they're offering 16% off an order c:~ 
I was asked to review a few pieces from the site and they were shipped out to me on June 3rd. I received the items on June 23rd! It took about two weeks to get to me which is pretty much a standard arrival time for items coming from China.~

To start off with here's the cloud skirt picture from the site!
And here's the skirt in person!

It looks exactly like the site photo and it only comes in one size, sadly. It fit me, but be sure to check the measurements! The fabric used for the skirt was like a thick-ish, stiff cotton! The print was on nicely and I didn't find any breaks or cracks in any of the clouds~ It also came with shorts built in which was a huge relief! 

 Here's a few pictures of me in the skirt! It came in the packaging a bit wrinkled, but it was easy to iron out c:~ and the stretchy back band of the skirt made it easy to slip on and off!

Overall, I love the skirt but I wish it was a bit longer! ^_^; my bum makes me skirts go longer in the front and a bit shorter in the back so it's something that happens to most of the skirts I wear!

Rating: 4/5

You can purchase the skirt here for $18.99 and free shipping! Please make sure to check the measurements beforehand as it is only one-size!

The second item I chose was this floral dress!

This dress also came wrinkled, but a good iron out fixed it super quickly c: The dress is made of a chiffon material and underneath it are 4 layers of more chiffon which makes the dress adorably poofy!

I ended up choosing a size Large because Chinese sizes run smaller than US sizes! Check your measurements in the chart! This dress comes in sizes S-XL! I'm normally a size Small/Medium and the dress fits that way in the large that I chose!

The four layers of chiffon kept the dress poofy and I felt like a cute little flower while wearing it! The dress also has a zipper back, but the middle part is NOT stretchy! I had to shimmy the dress up my legs and over my hips c: Other than that I LOVE this dress, the pattern, the lightness, and the poofiness!

Rating: 4.8/5

You can buy this super cute dress for $27.99 and free shipping here

Other ratings that could definitely be useful towards you was the communication between me and the person who shipped out my clothes, Vivien! Vivien was nothing but super kind to me and answered all my questions as early as she could with us being at opposite ends of the world! Our time differences weren't a big problem because it seemed like everytime I emailed a question or reply to her during the night, I woke up with her reply! Communication is great!

And like I said before my items were shipped on June 3rd and arrived to my bedroom on June 23rd! It's a standard shipping time for many international orders! 

Thank you 6ks for sponsoring me and I hope everyone enjoyed this review c:! 
Later this month I'll be going to my first anime convention in San Antonio and I'll be sure to make a HUGE blogpost about my cosplays and what I did there and a haul of what I bought as well :3 Expect another "cute finds" post before then though~ 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ask here.


  1. Great review, I've always wondered how reliable that site was, but the finishing product looks great and exactly like the promotional photo's! I'll try buying from this site soon~


  2. Great review~! The dress looks really cute on you ^_^


  3. That skirt is so cute! :)

    Check out my blog ♡ http://mxrikx.blogspot.com ♡

  4. Beautiful dress! The pastels are so soft and elegant and LOVE the overlay. Think I need one, don't you? ;) Bec

  5. Oh I love the cloud skirt so much!! It's so cute (>w<)
    The dress is really pretty too (^^)

  6. The floral dress is so pretty on you! :) <3 Definitely need me one of those!

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