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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Taobao Haul #2~ (Pic Heavy)

Hello again babes c:~ My Taobao order arrived this morning and so I decided to start writing my haul/review of my items c: unlike my last post this won't be super long or flooded with a price or formal timeline c:!~ If you have any questions not including the total shipping price and whatnot, feel free to ask here c:

I once again used Bhiner for my Taobao agent, I used EMS shipping, and my package weighed 2kg!

The first item I'll do a small review over is my "BABY" hoodie dress! I've wanted it since the moment I saw it and luckily when I began plans to start a new Taobao order, I found it easily! It's one size!

The dress itself was pure white and there were no stains whatsoever on it c: The BABY word print was a light blue and was kinda sparkly in a subtle way which I loved.

I have really long legs and arms but even with them the dress fit comfortably and was really soft and REALLY stretchy!!! The only issue I had with this dress was that one of the sleeves was slightly shorter than the other?? It was strange, but it's no big deal to me c: 

The next item that I bought was this White Sailor Dress! I knew it'd be kinda short (it was on the model!) so I'd been planning to wear this with leggings c:

The material with extremely sturdy and there were no stains on it when it arrived c: It's one-size, but it fit me perfectly!~ Always make sure to check the measurements though!!! I wore this dress yesterday and it was super comfortable! I'm about 5'2.5 or 5'3 and this hit right under my butt c:

This dress caught my eye with the detailing of the bodice!! This dress is also one size, but I bought it because the straps were adjustable and I wanted it to fit my bust!~There's a lot of adjusting that can be done on the dress straps so it eventually fit me like a glove c:

This dress was around $10!~

This pink gingham dress was actually the dress I wore today!! It comes in three different sizes (S,M,L) and I opted to get the small! It also comes with a little tie to cinch the waist c:~

This T-Shirt was one that I had to have and I was so lucky to have gotten one of the last two sold ;w; It was onesize and fits like a Men's small I guess?? Baggy and comfy c: The only thing that bugged me was that the print was upside down in the front, but on the back it was the correct side up? I got over it though! c:

Unfortunately, shortly after I bought my shirt the last one was sold. It's no longer sold by my seller :c 

This backpack was one that I came upon by chance and it was really cheap so I bought it to carry around during my anime convention in July!~ It was SUPER soft and the zipper had this adorable pink pom on it, and it was bigger than I thought it would be so that was a nice surprise :3

It was about $9!~

And that's that c:! In total, this entire process including the ordering, arrival of items to Bhiner, payments, and arrival to me took a little less than 2 weeks. Which is really great to me c:~

I will not be telling anyone how much I paid total or how much my shipping was. You can estimate it yourself with the info I gave before the post with Bhiner's shipping calculator. I also refuse to tell because my first Bhiner order came with a HUGE 4-part tutorial. The ending part came with the pricing of my order and the shipping. The 4-part tutorial is linked here

I know this was a bit shorter than the last haul, but I was also explaining many things c: this haul didn't need that!~

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions, please ask here!



  1. I think that baby hoodie dress is so perfect for you.. because you're Pastel Baby! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
    I love how you styled the white sailor dress, it looks great with leggings!
    The thing with the naime eyes shirt would bother me too :/ But it's kind of original for the print to be upside down ^^
    Oh, and the bag looks so fluffly and soft, and I love it's cute little ears..~*
    I loved this post! (≧∇≦)/

  2. I love everything you got!! I especially like that adorable korilakkuma backpack and the anime eyes shirt~ :3 Great purchases<3
    -Kiyomi xx

  3. I love your dresses! Specially the sailor and the pink one, so good that they fit you well, I'm always afraid on buying clothes online, specially asian ones because I'm so afraid they wont fit me >__<

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  4. These are all so cute, what a cute haul!! I especially love the first BABY dress ^^ It's very AMO-ish and cute~! <3 This style really suits you Bri~ :3

    p.s I love your PSG and Sailor Moon posters <333


  5. this is so adorable!!! i'm hoping to do some in my blog too! i love your choice of clothing too! i'm using this as my inspiration :)

  6. That first dress is the cutest thing in the world!