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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oops, I Did It Again...(Taobao Order #2) ♡

Like the title of my blog post says, I made another Taobao order! I got the big urge to do it out of nowhere yesterday and I'm in dire need of some new dresses anyway so I thought why not! 

This taobao order is going to have the same amount of items I believe, so it's not very big! I didn't want to order a whole lot since I only want a couple of things c: 

The first dress I'm ordering is a hoodie dress with BABY printed on the chest c: there's also a pink version with DOLL and a lilac/lavender dress with FAIRY! I instantly fell in love with this one though, since "baby" is in just about all my usernames :3

Next item is this Korilakkuma backpack! I just found it while randomly surfing on Taobao and thought it was really adorable! I'm planning on using it for when I walk around my first anime convention with my best friend in July :3

Third is this really pretty white dress! I got captivated with the detailing on the bodice and it was too cheap to pass up c:! You can never have too many white dresses I think~

 I'm ordering are this lovely gingham print dress! They're supposedly pretty thin so I think it'll be perfect for the spring and summer c:~

I also fell in love instantly when I saw this dress! My adorable blogger friend Kiyomi has the navy blue version, but I'm on a white clothing kick since it's almost summer time c: 

I HONESTLY WASN'T PLANNING ON BUYING ANY SHIRTS, but I've been drooling over this print on a crop top or regular shirt for MONTHS. And by chance I happened to find it today ;v; I'm super, super excited for this because I have a habit of buying t-shirts with unique/cool prints for my lazy days c:~

Like I said this order isn't going to be very big c: but I'm excited for these items!!~ They're all so cute and I have a huge lack of dresses in my closet! 

Some plans and updates though!!

I'm planning on opening up my Storenvy closet again! I sell my old clothing that I don't wear or never have worn on there and it'd be awesome if you can check it out when I open it again in the coming weeks! I have lots to sell (and it's breaking my heart to have to see some go..)! I'll be sure to make a small post here, on my Twitter, and my Tumblr when I open it up :3! The store link is here (though it's closed until I open it again of course c:!)

If you have any questions, fell free to ask me on my Tumblr or Ask.fm! c: 

If you want to learn how to order from Taobao like me, I have a 4 part tutorial here

I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night! And thanks for reading :3


  1. Everything you got is so, so cute! ;u; I love everything~ especially the T-shirt and Korilakkuma backpack<3
    -Kiyomi xx

    1. Thanks honey!! c: I'm so excited for this order! If you need links totally hit me up on Twitter c: I mean you've helped me so much!

  2. The sailor dress is so so pretty! I still need to buy something from TaoBao, but I am always afraid it wont fit me e_e. Which agent did you use and how much was the shipping cost? D:

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. That's why you should know all your measurements. I have all my measurements, from head to toe, written on a post-it note. Also, I have any other information that you're asking about in my 4-part Taobao tutorial, which is linked at the bottom of this post. Please go read it!

  3. link for the eye print top please?

    1. I don't post links until after I get the items.

  4. Hiii! I was wondering if you have the link for the eye print top? I've seen it on another website and its $50 which I think is absolutely a bit too much haha!