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Monday, March 10, 2014

Recent Purchases ♡

I'm here to show ya cuties what I've bought the past few weeks and recently! Not much in my opinion, but please enjoy :3

This extremely cute watch, you can read the review here

Bobon21 Replica dress! It's so adorable I had to purchase it!! If you want a review when I receive it, let me know in the comments!

WomensAmerican EagleWomen's Justify Oxford Shootie
I bought these heels for the Spring time and also to match the Taobao items I ordered! I'm trying to delve into a more "hime-style", specifically "himekaji" and these were just what I was looking for! 

You can read the review of these shoes here!

I've been waiting for one of my favorite shops, Omocat, to release her Spring clothing line for months! And the "Glitchboy" shirt was what I wanted the most!! Luckily, I was one of the few who got to order one before it completely sold out :3 (I ordered it literally 3 minutes after she opened her shop actually haha..) and I've been waiting a while to buy one of her prints/posters, but decided to wait to buy it with my shirt :3! Her artwork is amazing and I'm so excited to get it!!

I've decided that Usagi Tsukino will be my 2nd cosplay for the Anime Convention my best friend and I are going to this summer and finally bought her cosplay from my cosplaymaker who made my Korra cosplay!! She did such a good job on my Korra cosplay, that I asked her to make this custom for me (since she takes custom orders!!) I'm so happy and excited!! (Be on the lookout for a Korra and Asami Sato photoshoot type thing!! I'm planning to do it this week with my best friend because she's cosplaying Asami with my Korra!!)

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I bought these adorable socks from ASOS!! It was love at first sight haha!~

I literally just bought these from eBay about 20 minutes ago! Haha, heart printed crop tops! I went to buy one, but ended up purchasing three!~ :3 Once again perfect for Spring~

That's mostly it on my recent purchases :3 If you have any questions, regarding any of the items I've bought please feel free to ask! If any of the links to the reviews are missing, I probably haven't written them yet silly c:! I'll get to it as soon as they come!!

And if you want a review on one, tell me which in the comments c: my reviews will have links to the items! Thank you so much for reading!~ ♡ 


  1. Your blog is so cute and interesting! >< I will follow it!

    This things are lovely! I like bobon21, but it's difficult to me, buy their clothes from taobao, Is it good the replica you bought?

  2. could you do a review on the hear shirts? :3 the peach one!