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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hi there cuties! This is a tiny post telling you some updates and things I want you to know!

 If you didn't know already, I started school up again for my Spring semester (so happy I made it through the Fall) and I have a part-time job! I will still be making blog posts as much as I can, but I need your help! I love my blog and I think I've added my own personal touch with it in the last huge post (the downloading anime tutorial here!) but I also want to know what you guys want to see! 

 I accept and consider all blog post requests here on my ask.fm! I'll receive your request and tell you my consideration as soon as I read it! :-) I have a few requests whirring around in my brain also! So please if you have the time, give me some requests there or in the comments c:

 I get this question a lot on my ask.fm and it's about my personal Tumblr! I made one specifically for you guys to follow and ask me things and whatever you wanna follow me for and that is here!! My public tumblr c: I'll be soon posting my outfits to that once I connect my Instagram to it and some inspiration photos will have a tag! Feel free to follow c: and ask if you want to be followed back c:!

 Another thing is the comment feature here on my blog!! I know some of you have comments sometimes, but it's tedious to type up your comment and then the verification code to prove you're a human! 
Well, I took it off!! Now anyone can comment on their account or on anonymous!! I'll see how it goes for a while and hopefully I won't have to take this feature away! c: 

 I'm seriously thinking about making a blog post on my anime figures! I've come to collect some and I adore them and I just wondered if anyone would be interested in a post like that! I just have no idea what to say about it! Maybe where to buy them or where I've bought mine and whatnot! I don't know so if you can please help out c: 

Honestly, I just wanted to mostly get this stuff out of the way to let you know so I didn't have you finding out later down the road c:! 

Please feel free to follow me on any of my accounts to keep up with me!!!

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