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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals ♡

Greeting lovelies! The New Year has already started and I wanted to make a tiny post for the goals I wanna accomplish for this year c: I don't call them resolutions and I never make New Year's resolutions because I feel terrible when they don't come true c: goals are things I've accomplished more than resolutions anyway.

I'm not going to talk much about 2013 and my experience with it, because it was not my favorite year at all. I'm striving to look forward :-) not behind me!!

Pass all my classes with A's and B's this semester! Last semester I pass all my classes with all B's and one C (cry) 
Go to my first anime convention with my best friend this summer! (I'm planning on Korra, Aoi Asahina, and maybe Petunia Elkwood from Todd Allison & Petunia Violet! An anon told me I'd make a good cosplay of her so I'm thinking about it c:)
Save a lot of money!
Expand my anime figure collection and anime/manga collection!
Make a few friends at school!
Redecorate my room so it'll reflect my personality and tastes!
Write more blog posts!
Become more positive than ever before!
Drink healthier things!
Write more how-to's and d.i.y posts! (I'm planning a how-to right now!)
Be more body-positive to myself and everyone around me! I already am, so I'm going to try and get others too!

All of these goals are very exciting for me! I hope 2014 will be my year c: Good luck to you guys as well! Do you have any goals for 2014?

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