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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Favorites ♥

While 2013 wasn't a very good year for me, there were a few small good things that happened to me c: This post is about them!!

This year I came into some money from jobs and school and I've bought a lot of things c: I actually have a clothing style that I build up on now and favorite stores and brands I love to browse! I buy anime figures, clothing, shoes, manga, books and novels, furniture for my room and it's WONDERFUL. All because I have a job c:

Instagram is pretty influential on how I became the person I am today I suppose! I got inspired by a couple people on there, and in turn became more like myself! I don't have many followers, but the ones I do have I'm thankful for and hope they continue to give me support as they did throughout 2013 c:! 

I've always been an anime/manga fan since I was a child, but this year really helped me shine and stop being so ashamed of loving it! I'm not myself without anime or manga and I'm disgusted I felt the need to hide myself just to make others feel comfortable and to feel comfortable around them. No more. You're going to get talked about by anybody no matter what you like or don't like so I might as well do what I want and be happy c:

Before this year I was ignorant and really negative about myself and a lot of people around me. I'm sad to say that I used to body-shame others, I used to slut-shame others, and more! But looking around online brought a new light in my eyes that what I was doing was terrible and shouldn't be something that's thrown around and thought of as "normal". Rape culture, slut-shaming, body-shaming, and anything relative should be looked up and educated upon. Rape isn't a joke and neither is calling a girl a slut or a hoe. It's disgusting and by educating myself about all this I cut out a dark part of my life that should've never grown up with me! I don't do any of the atrocities above anymore and I get irritated and defensive to anyone who does if they're in my vicinity and especially if I know them personally. Don't keep your voice down, stand up with it! Equality.

While school was my least favorite thing about early 2013 it was really nice in the Fall! I tried my hardest this year and made it c: I'm looking forward to Spring 2014 and my possible Summer courses c:

Finally, my blog! I decided to start it in April and it's come a long way since then c: I mean I never imagined in less than a year I'd have over 200 followers on here! You guys are amazingly supportive and when I think about giving upon all this your comments bring me back to life c: thank you! No matter what brought you here: my clothing or style, cute things I find online, etc. Just thank you so much!!

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