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Monday, December 30, 2013

D.I.Y: Hanging Anime Characters ♡

Today's post is a do-it yourself post! I'm really kind of excited to share this! 
Anyways, I was really bored last night and wanted SO BADLY to do a d.i.y. post for you guys that I was thinking of cute things I wanted in my life! So, I came up with this! I love anime/manga, and I don't have near enough posters in my room as I'd like, nor the money to buy them at the moment, so I wanted something cheap, cute, and would represent my love for anime! 

These are what I came up with c:! They're super simple to make and they're also quite a nice addition to a bedroom!! So let's get started!!

Things you're gonna need:
♥ Printer (color is preferred, but black/white would be ok too!)
Internet access 
Sewing needles
Cotton balls (or anything soft really)

First, what you're going to do is find a photo online! I just typed in what character I wanted (in this case Spike Spiegel a.k.a babe) and added the word 'transparent' in Google Image Search! You can use any photo of your choosing, but I just like the clear, easy white background!
Moving on, you copy the image (or download it to your computer) and open/paste it into Microsoft Word!  I'd suggest you make the Image orientation LANDSCAPE, not PORTRAIT to give yourself lots of cutting room c: Image sizes vary, so it's best to adjust the photo so that there's a good amount of cutting space on all sides! Then PRINT 2 copies!!
When you print 2 copies make sure you invert one! In other words, make the character's face show on each side! When you do, cut it into the shape you desire! I lightly folded the sheets and cut it into a heart! 
Thread your needle!! I must give you a tip! Make the string SUPERRRRRRRR LONG. Since my shape is a heart I'm stitching it closer and more so it'll be more secure and actually reach the other end of the heart! Knot your string about three times in the same spot, or as much needed so it won't go through the hole you poke through!
When you start sewing, I'd suggest starting from the bottom and underneath the shape! So you won't see many knots now and the  end when you're done!
Stitch it however you like! Just be gentle and be patient so you won't rip anything c:
When you get around 3/4 done pause your stitching because we need to fill the heart with softness to make it more 3D like! You don't have to do it though! c:
After you finish stitching it make a few knots and cut off the excess knot strings c:
Finally, after your shape is sewn and secured, get a new string and poke it through your needle! Don't knot anything! Just poke it through the top of your shape so it will be able to hang anywhere c:! Then knot it secure!

The final result should be like this! 
I hung mine on my ceiling and coincidentally right by my A/C unit so they always flutter lightly and look super pretty and cute! I plan on making TONS more for my ceiling of my favorite characters and one day I'll show off all the ones I've made c: I'm planning on doing manga caps as well!!~

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!!! Please have a great night/day lovelies!! 

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  2. so cute *^* you can also try this with fabric! you can print the paper for fabric and with iron you can apply it on the fabric!