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Friday, December 27, 2013

Recent Buys ♡

Today's post is a quick one about my recent buys c:! Surprisingly, most of it was purchased in-store! This was a request from one of my followers so let's get started c:

Starting with my new pink iPhone cord and adapter! I was actually kinda nervous when it arrived today and didn't immediately work when I plugged it into my laptop! But I plugged the adapter into the wall and it worked, so I re-plugged it into my laptop and it ended up working that time c:! I'm super happy with it and it's my favorite color! I bought it off eBay here, and it's from a seller in California so it won't take long to come to you if you live in the U.S.! There's tons of other colors as well!!

I don't really like shopping in-store, but I came across this in my mall's JCPenney by browsing! I have no idea where it came from because it was in the wrong place when I found it :c, I also looked around in the store and couldn't find the original place and online it's completely blank! I wish I could give you a direct link ;~; I like it, but it seems to fit me strange! Maybe I'm just going crazy...anyways, it's kind medium-thin and it's ok for early spring c:! I finally got a Mayday Parade shirt at Hot Topic! I love that band baha, anyways, I don't really like going in HT at all, because I find it super lame and embarrassing, but I had to for this shirt!

If you saw my Outfit Inspirations post here, you know that this top was there! I've been planning on buying this shirt from Omocat since he announced that this was gonna be in his winter line! It was love at first sight to be honest and the creator of Omocat also made a short comic about Pretty Boy c: This shirt was pretty pricey, but I'm used to it so it was ok c:! The shirt is actually a really nice baby pink, not peach like in this photo c:

I bought this daisy sweater from eBay and it came on time and everything, but the quality is a bit poor! It's more like a cropped sweater and you can see loose strings on the bottom and sleeves! When it came to me IT SMELLED AWFUL. I buy a LOT of things on eBay that come from China, but this was the WORST smelling thing I've ever bought. I washed it, but the smell still lingers a bit ;^;

THERE IS A STORE I LOVE SHOPPING IN MY MALL THOUGH AND IT'S CALLED F.Y.E, or For Your Entertainment c: it's a movie/music store, but it's closing in my mall (cry) so it's having this everything 30% off sale c: I bought mostly anime that I've seen and loved (though Akira was a first for me!). I bought Wolf Children, Summer Wars, Akira, Fairy Tail: Phoenix Princess, the complete series of Panty & Stocking and the complete series of Chobits! My F.Y.E had more anime that I really wanted but they were broken up into parts and some parts were missing (lookin' at you FMA, Mirai Nikki, etc.) It's ok though because I always have the Internet c:!

I bought these cute pink things when I bought my pink iPhone charger! Can't wait until the full-body sticker gets here c:!

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  1. I absolutely loveeeee that daisy sweater of yours, it is so cute c: (especially because I love daisies and sunflowers). Plus that iPhone case is adorable. Thank you for sharing :3
    ♡ Denny

  2. Amazing stuffs :3 I really like the pink iPhone case awh ♡
    Mickey // http://spookypastel.blogspot.cz/

  3. oooow a pink adapter Ö ÖÖ how amazing is that Ö I'm going to check out ebay!
    And those clothes are so sweet, especially love the warm looking sweater!
    And I haven't seen any of these anime's yet Ö Should watch one of them soon ^-^

    The mad twins