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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ebay Infinity Scarves Review!~

Hi lovelies! Today's post is about these infinity scarves I bought from Ebay! I included them in my most recent "Recent Buys" post, and one of my darling followers asked me to review them!

Let's get started :>

These are the scarves I bought! They were $1.99 each and came in lots of colors, but I just got the basics! 
As soon as I took them out of the plastic I was a bit disappointed and confused!

It looked like a long tube! The strange part of it is that the place you stick your head through isn't the longest part you see in the photo, it's the shortest part! When I tried to put it on it was a really small circle and not relaxed at all! I tried stretching it, but all it did was rip and fray :c 
It makes it more comfortable to wear but it's still pretty tight :s

Here are some photos with me wearing the scarf!

It makes me a lil annoyed that these scarves look so tiny and look like neck braces, but I suppose you get what you paid for! I'm still keeping them, I'm just gonna make sure to stretch them as much as I can so they're not uncomfortable anymore!

In the photos the scarves look ok, but would I recommend buying them? Not really. I'm definitely not purchasing these in any other colors either! But if you want to HERE is the link :>

If you haven't already check out my Sheinside post here and visit the shop linked in the post! It has so many cute clothes!
I also have an announcement! I'm getting sponsored by Geocolouredlenses and they will be sending me a pair of circle lenses to review! I will be using them for my Aoi Asahina cosplay next summer! So thank you to them and also to my wonderful Instagram followers who told me I'd be perfect at cosplaying her!

Any questions or comments just leave them below or for a faster reply my ask.fm :> Thanks so much for reading!

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