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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review ♡

This was a request from one of my Instagram followers after posting a picture of me having the game c: I want to apologize in advance for the quality of the photos! There's no snapping picture feature (not that I've had time to really find out) and so I took them with my phone camera with pretty bad lighting! 

I'm not going in-depth with this review because I don't wanna give spoilers! So I'm only hitting key points and up until the first boss! 


If you've been following me for a while, you'd know how completely obsessed and in love with The Legend of Zelda series/franchise. I've been a fan since I was probably around 5 years old when I got the Ocarina of Time! c: I've gotten my hands on every game, book, or manga series released and I'm about to buy the expensive Link figma today/tomorrow!! I've been waiting for MONTHS. But enough blabbering about my passion and the love of my life, Link. Let's get on with the review!!

To start off with, Link (bae) is in bed sleeping away like always and gets woken up by the Blacksmith's son/daughter thing!! He's told to go to the shop to talk to his boss and that's when things happen!

I can't give any spoilers so I'm skipping to the part where he begins his journey :> after being told to go this way and that Link finds himself back at home and this dude is in his house!

His name is Ravio and if you've seen some of the commercials about this game you know that you don't find the items/weapons you need on your journey in this game. You rent them. From Ravio! He gives you the old bracelet and rents you the first item you'll need! Another new change is that you don't go around looking for refills! You have an energy meter that takes what you use and it recharges as you walk along! I was hoping it'd be really nice, but you take so much energy using your weapons! Luckily, it recharges pretty fast.
The first renting is free but afterwards it's 10 rupees, and also if you die on your journey, he takes his stuff back and you have to rent it again! It's a fresh change from the usual, but I have a feeling it's gonna piss me off later in the game!

The monsters/enemies in this game are pretty simple to defeat so I won't go any further explaining that! 

Here's what the bottom screen will look like throughout the game c:!

I just beat the first dungeon/boss and on my way I'd have to say that the game has been better than what I thought it would be! When I first saw that Link would become a wall painting, it reminded me heavily of Paper Mario and I was a bit confused! But I'm a die-hard fan so I bought it without any thought!

Of course the dungeons are pretty much set up as they always have been. They get harder as you journey out, but the first dungeon was so simple a child could probably do it! 

This is the ability that's the main part of the game! I was excited to finally get the ability (and I'm not spoiling how) but I was kinda annoyed because you can't go up and down! This also uses energy so you have to be quick about moving around otherwise you become a human again baha c:

So far I love  the game and I play it anytime I can! If you're thinking about getting it go for it! I've played every DS Legend of Zelda game and they're all super cute and challenging in their own ways :> Have fun loves and thanks for reading c:~

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