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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Today's review is a sponsored one! Geoolouredlenses was kind enough to send me a pair of lenses to review for you guys! I'll start with a bit of background information :>!

Geocolouredlenses is an online company/shop who sell GEO brand circle lenses, which are known for their comfort, ease of use, and many color choices! (I can vouch for GEO here, because this past year all I wore were my first pair of circle lenses, Geo Tricolor Brown :>!) Anyways, GEO is the only FDA-approved circle lenses brand and is guaranteed to be safe to use in your eyes :>

The company, Geocolouredlenses, offers free shipping on all orders and uses Paypal to process your orders so no funny business c:! Thankfully, most of their lenses come with prescriptions so people with eyesight like mine (which is pretty awful ) can buy their lenses no problem c:! 

The color I decided to get was Geo Color 9 Deep Blue (AN-A42)! They are about $20! These have a prescription and they can also be bought without a prescription c:! I got my prescription which is -5.50 in both eyes~

Power Range: 0.00 ~ -8.00
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

I decided on this gorgeous shade of blue because I'm planning on cosplaying Aoi Asahina from Dangan Ronpa and her eyes are blue :>

The Geocolouredlenses people contacted me and told me my package was dispatched on November 15th and they came today on November 27th! That's a little under 2 weeks and if you shop on Ebay as much as I do, you know that's a great shipping and delivery time!

When I first opened the package my lenses were in a seal clear plastic bag and wrapped in this foam stuff to protect it while it traveled to me!
Everything was perfect and nothing was broken or cracked :> I also got a business/coupon code card and a free lenses case! 

The lenses in the bottle!!! So pretty

You're supposed to let them soak for several hours but I wanted to get this review out so I let them soak for about 3-4 hours just to take pictures c:! 

These are my eyes without any lenses except my normal clear ones! As you can see my eyes are a shade I like to call "The Pit of Darkness", a.k.a dark poop brown. 

My left (your right) eye has the circle lense in it to tell the difference! 

I love how the blue color is noticeable, but super natural even in low-light! 

This is the same eye, but with natural outside light shining on it :>!

Both with natural/outside light!!! So gorgeous and he blue is so beautiful! It's a true blue color, no other color is visible except this vibrant blue!!~

Shipping: 5/5
Like I said before, these lenses were dispatched on the 15th of November and came to my doorstep on the 27th! Super fast shipping and delivery! I couldn't ask for better service here, there's nothing to complain about c:~

Website Layout/Ease of Use: 5/5
This website is so easy to venture through and they're divided into several different categories to make your search easy as pie!

Communication: 5/5
They reply SO quickly it's amazing! No faults here whatsoever, they're also very kind and courteous! 

Enlargement: 4/5
Honestly, I didn't really want/care about the enlargement of these lenses! These are about 14.2 mm which is pretty natural looking and I liked that c:~

Color: 5/5
Absolutely perfect, great for light and dark colored eyes c:~!!!

Comfort: 5/5 
I couldn't even feel them once I put the lenses in my eyes! They're super comfortable c:~

I'm in love with my lenses!! I completely forgot to do a full picture with my lenses and I was in the middle of a closet cosplay so excuse my face and hair!

Thank you Geocolouredlenses for allowing me to review a pair of your lenses! Also, thank you for such great service! 

If you want to purchase yourself a pair, here's the link! The lenses are so inexpensive and come in great colors!

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I really like the color! Also, I'm glad to know that site is good, I'll buy my lenses on it ^^


    1. Thanks so much c:! And yes! You won't regret it :>!

  2. Omg I have dark-brown eyes too and have been dying to get coloured contacts! I'm really paranoid about them damaging my eyes but these seem really legit - I wanna get them in green or hazel hehe. They look fab on you! x


    1. Not damaging at all sweetie c:!! You should go for it! They'd look super cute on you and Geocolouredlenses has a huge selection for like $20