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Friday, October 18, 2013

Theme Post: Studio Ghibli!~

Hello all! I'm so excited to start my "Theme Post" blog posts! It's basically going to be what the title implies! A blog post centered around on theme, and in this case it's Studio Ghibli! I hope you enjoy this series of blog posts c: I also have a few other topics ready for later and even topics I'll talk about life and music tastes and whatnot! So be on the lookout for those! I'm gonna try to do a theme post at least one or twice a week :>! 


And that's it for this post! All of this is so cute! I did buy a Movie Collection with tons of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki movies in it and I was gonna post a link to it, but one of my followers convinced me to review it instead! It's not an official version so she was pretty wary and I'm happy to be a guinea pig to all of you :>! So be sure to look for that movie collection on Tuesday when it arrives to me :-)!


  1. It's all so cute! I especially love the temporary tattoos and the totoro figures :) x

  2. oooh so cute! I really want the no face figure!