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Thursday, October 17, 2013

American Apparel/Forever 21 Clothing Haul ☆ Lulu's Boots (Pic Heavy)

This post is gonna be a giant review of things I've gotten online the past few days c:! All items are from American Apparel, Lulu's, and Forever 21! If you need a link to something and it's not on my past blog posts, feel free to ask me here! Now on with the post!

American Apparel
From here I bought two circle skirts! I'd definitely recommend looking into buying at least one skirt from AA! Their skirts are becoming one of my favorites because it's so quality and the colors and cut are really versatile! I already own a 'light denim' circle skirt, but this time I decided to get more fall/autumn colors! Truffle and Camel :>

Truffle is on the left and Camel on the right c:! I love them so much, but they were really expensive :s! But they last a very long time and I plan on buying more colors believe me c:! 

Forever 21
From F21, I bought 3 sweaters, a dress, and a pair of socks! I was kinda hesitant on buying the sweating since F21's quality is usually iffy on tops especially :c 

These were the sweaters I was most nervous about :c! But, I was so surprised and happy to find out the quality is better than I imagined! They're open-knit, but they're thick and comfortable and super soft! The colors I bought were cream and navy, but the cream is more on the white side it seems! I honestly don't care and the color is gorgeous! I bought a small and it's not tight at all! It gives a sort of cute oversized look c:! You'll see what I'm talking about in the end photos!

I was really excited about this sweater because of the color and while the color is great, the quality isn't the greatest! I picked a Medium size in this and it seems like it's shorter in the torso than the arms? It's also thinner than the last sweaters, which is something that's to be expected since it's completely open knit and not open knit cable! I like the sweater just fine, but I don't think it's gonna be as loved as the last two sweaters c:

This dress was absolutely darling online and I LOVED the burgundy color c: it was also quite cheap! They sold out of the smalls before I could purchase one, so I got a Medium and I'm happy I did because they run a tiny bit (not much!!) small! It's also kinda short, but I'm used to wearing short skirts and dresses so it was like a normal flirty length to me c: if you're not really comfortable with that I wouldn't recommend purchasing this dress! 

There's not much to review about these socks c: they were cute and cheap and I love them!!! UFO'S :-)

I've wanted these boots for a while since Jasmine Blu reviewed them! I bought some ankle boots before but they quickly got annoying to me and didn't have to style I wanted! 
I'm glad I bought them because I had been complaining about my old ankle booties! 

They're round-toed which is something I really wanted because my other booties were really pointy and I didn't like it much. These are perfect though and are a bit big but slip on some socks and they're a perfect fit!~ I'm gonna wear the heck out of these I'm sure c:

I guess some annoyance though are the zipper in the back! It hits the back of my boot every step and the sides wrinkle when I walk but otherwise they're a really good buy c:! 

Here are some outfits I've worn the past two days (today included)! I'm really getting happy that I get to wear cute fall clothing :> because winter time I'll be in a constant cocoon of hoodie warmth!~ I hope you enjoyed this post and have a gr8 day loves :-)~


  1. waaah so cute things! I want them too >w< I really like your taste of fashion!