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Monday, October 21, 2013

Studio Ghibli Movie Collection Review!~

So, today I'm gonna review this awesome movie collection that I was lucky enough to find! 

It has, as the title implies, 17 movies from Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki :> I was extremely excited when I happened to find out that these were even sold, but I was also a bit suspicious! I did a little digging and read some reviews to see if it was legit and after seeing a few positive I went for it c: I was going to add it on my Studio Ghibli theme post, but one of my lovely followers convinced me to turn it into a review since she was wary as well! You know who you are, so thanks for the idea bby c: anyways, on with the review!

The person I bought it from on Ebay had this set for $29.99, but for some reason they have the same collection for a few dollars more! I guess I bought the last one ^^; sorry, but for the value it's quite worth it! 

The Ghibli collection this year is 17-movies, but you could get the 16-movie collection for a smaller price! The only reason I bought the 17-movie collection is because it had From Up On Poppy Hill (and I love this movie so much ugh) as the newly added film, while the 16-movie collection has all movies but that one c:

This is the DVD sleeve and case that's included in the collection! Isn't it gorgeous? It's not cheap feeling anywhere, which I've heard is the case with some older collections :>! The back of the case and the sleeve itself have all the movies listed!

The collection comes with 6 DVDs with each holding around 2-3 movies :>! All have small pictures of art from the movie and the titles are listed on the discs c:~ all the art is of very good quality! I'm very pleased. 

First menu when you pop the DVD in~ It gives you the movie choices!

 When you choose a movie, an entirely different menu for that specific movie pops up! Here, you can either go straight to playing or choose audio! It's, by default, English dub but you can easily change it to Japanese with English subbing!

Audio/Subtitles Menu. More often than not, when you go straight to playing it's automatically English language with the English subtitles playing as well! I always go here to turn off the subtitles completely :>

One of the few complaints I've heard about these movie collections, all versions, is that the 2nd and 3rd have skipping problems! So I took it upon myself to try out the 2nd disc first and it worked perfectly for me pretty good, but it skips a bit in the middle (mine happened in the middle of Princess Mononoke) I've also heard about the picture quality not being up to par, but when you compress 2-3 full length movies on a single disc, picture and video quality must suffer in a way. 
It's not Blu-ray or HD quality, and a few movies have a bit of pixels (not very noticeable), but the quality is very nice and the sound is loud and clear c: 


For the amount of movies I get, Studio Ghibli no less, it's an amazing deal! Their movies usually retail for $20+ EACH. And I paid $29.99 for all 17 c:

Quality: ♥.5/5
Like I said before, when you compress 2-3 full length films on one disc quality is going to suffer, but it's honestly not that bad when it comes to this collection! I added a few pictures above to get a sort of feel for the quality and I like it lots!

You can buy your own collection here

Any other questions, feel free to ask me and I'll get back to you very soon c: thanks for reading!


  1. I was going to buy this set last week. I'm happy to see it is legit, and will definitely be getting one for myself soon!

    1. I'm happy I helped change your mind! You will enjoy it c:

  2. Thank you for doing this blogpost!! I freaking love their movies. :D :D :D I'm going to put that on my birthday list. ^_^

  3. Totally just bought this! Amazing price and it even has Poppy on there which I haven't seen yet ; u ;

    1. Poppy is one of my favorites c:! I think you're gonna like it when you receive it!!