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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

♡ Bonne Chance Collections Dress Review! ♡

Super excited about today's post!! This past Sunday, I happened to see Jasmine Blu's blog post about Bonne Chance Collections and I fell in love with their dresses! 

Bonne Chance Collections is a "modern boutique with vintage flair" online and their dresses, skirts, and tops totally deliver! All of their patterns and dress shapes are very adorable! So be sure to check them out c:

When I opened the package (which comes with $50 insurance) the dress was wrapped in a super cute wrapping paper!! And it came with a personal thank you card c: I didn't include it in this post, but it was full of thank yous and very sweet messages and a coupon code!! 

After I excitedly ripped off the wrapping paper I found the cute dress in a cellophane wrapper protecting it even more c:! 

This was the dress that I ended up buying thanks to my Instagram followers c:! It's called the "Two Scoops of Cute" dress and the print is a bunch of ice cream cones c:~ the thing that made me love it out of all the other dresses was the collar! And the interlaced thingy in the front c:! 

I wasn't expecting the cones to be a highligter/neon yellow but I think it sort of suits the dress because the creamy white and pink of the rest of the dress tones it down c:

The dress has a slip underneath and I was happy it was there c: the material itself isn't super thin at all, but the slip offers extra protection just in case! There were no loose threads and the entire dress felt well-made and worth what I paid for! 

I honestly don't have any big complaints about this dress at all! It's a perfect fit and the print is adorable! It's not too short or too long (I'm around 5'2 and the dress hits a bit above my knees)! It's not obvious in the front, but in the back there is ruched elastic! I wasn't expecting that, but it makes it easier to get inside the dress! There's also a hidden zipper on the side c: I was afraid the sleeves would be annoying and too small like cap sleeves usually are, but they were super comfy and they weren't in the way at all!


All of Bonne Chance's dresses are pretty cheap for what they offer and they always seem to have coupon codes floating around!! My dress is $48.99 and I used a 15% coupon and paid around $41 I think c: it was wonderful! 

Quality/Sizing: /5
The quality of this dress was amazing! There were no loose threads, no stains, and it was my perfect size! I ordered a small and I had no problems fitting inside c: Their site has specific sizes and measurements on every dress page and it's really helpful! Just make sure before you order to check it thoroughly! 

Shipping/Delivery: /5
I have NO complaints about Bonne Chance's shipping c: all orders in the U.S. is FREE and I ordered my dress on Sunday afternoon and got it in the mail today, Wednesday. So happy!

Overall: /5
Overall, I'd give Bonne Chance a 100% recommendation! They're so nice and sweet to all their customers and admirers it's really refreshing to a company so into their customers! They're active on their Twitter and they answer questions really fast and nicely c: I'm already planning on buying another dress from them and I cannot wait! 

Use the code "JASMINE" to get 15% off your entire purchase!!

Any other questions, feel free to ask me and I'll get back to you very soon c: thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you so very much Bri!! You are just the sweetest ever!! You look absolutely adorable! We are just completely over the moon that you like your new dress!! We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support. It means the absolute world to us :) <3 <3