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Friday, November 1, 2013

♡ Recent Purchases! ♡

Ok!! So this post is about my recent buys and I'm providing links to everything c:! Hopefully you like this! Yay!

I bought these super nice looking infinity scarves in Black, White, and Beige for super duper cheap!! I only got basic colors because I didn't really like the other colors and because I wanted these to match a lot of outfits! 

I bought one of my best friends and myself strawberry cases! I got the pink one and I bought her the super red one :3 This was super duper cheap too!

I've been salivating over this beanie for a year now, but I don't wear beanies alot so I chose to overlook it alot! But I couldn't help it this time and I'll be sure to wear this a lot when it gets cold!!

I know I could find cheaper dresses from eBay, but I'm nervous they won't fit me because the sizing seems so small! So I found this by chance on Asos! I actually got it today and since it's a swing dress it's more like a big shirt dress! I'm gonna have to give it pleats because it looks kinda weird on me currently :c

I've always wanted to shop on Dollskill, but didn't because some things are super expensive :x BUT I happened to go on it last night and they were having a 'Buy One Get One 50% Off' sale!! So I looked around and found these skirts!! They were BOTH on sale so I immediately jumped at the chance to buy from them and spent way less than I would've if they were regularly priced!! The sale is over now, but I think these items are still on sale price!!! 

I know you're wondering why I'm buying skirts when it's almost December :> well Texas weather is screwy and we're still in the high 70's around here!! Another reason is because I know some of these items might not be sold next spring/summer because they'll have newer stuff! So I might as well grab what I can c:~ Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!


  1. Super cute! I love the strawberry phone case and the skirt with the bow!


  2. In love with that beanie! Seriously adorable! Xo