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Friday, March 4, 2016

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Review ♡

Today's blog post is going to be my personal review on the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette from Too Faced! It was purchased with my own hard-earned cash and I wasn't sponsored or sent free items in any way! These are my own personal opinions!
(Ignore the mixtures in my palette haha, I've been putting it to good use!)

 Let's get started!
First off, the packaging is super cute! It's one of the first things that caught my eye and the colors were very pretty in the packaging! Since it was my first major eyeshadow palette I wanted to get something that had colors that'd be pretty neutral and easy to match with a myriad of my outfits! (Which are mainly whites, creams, pinks, etc.) The original Chocolate Bar palette was a suggestion from many, but looking at the colors and how they showed up on my brown skin stopped me from wanting it. I found that the semi-sweet palette was a better choice for those of us with darker complexions because of the warmer colors  
(Both of these were applied without eyeshadow primer! Personally, I think that to get the true color of your eyeshadow a primer is a must!) 
Without primer some of the colors still had a pretty ok color payoff, but most looked chalky, a bit faded, and pretty harsh. They didn't really blend out too well, either!
Below the eyeshadow was applied with an eyeshadow primer! (Too Faced's Eye Shadow Insurance)
With a good eyeshadow primer  the colors of the eyeshadow came off darker and more rich in color with I loved, blending was also so much easier because it went on so creamy. The golds and browns in this palette looked just as beautiful in the palette on my skin!

Price: At $49 the price point is pretty steep and it's not the most affordable eyeshadow palette! I personally found the colors to fit extremely well for the purpose I originally bought it for (everyday) and I've had it for a couple of months with plenty of product left! 

Colors/Formula: The majority of the colors were total hits on my skin tone with primer. Without it, it didn't show up that well, but it did at least show up. The only colors I didn't really like were Pink Sugar (the shimmery pink), Coconut Creme (matte cream), and  Blueberry Swirl (the random dark blue shade they tossed in). Both didn't have the best color payoff with or without primer and Pink Sugar was gritty and hard to apply and blend while Blueberry Swirl was totally chalky! I was pretty disappointed about Pink Sugar because I love pink, but it was honestly just glitter rather than the beautiful pink shade in the palette, it also fell off my eyelids after application, so staying power sucked :c! The rest of the colors aside from that were amazing, being creamy with great color payoff! My personal favorites of the palette are: Peanut Butter (#1 favorite truly), Bon Bon, Caramel, Butter Pecan, and Truffled!! 

Overall: My personal score for this palette is a 8.9/10! I think it's a super great choice for people of all skintones, but especially for people with browner complexions! The original Chocolate Bar palette would be ok, but honestly I'm probably never going to buy it. (I tried the colors at an Ulta tester and the colors didn't look good on me at all.) This is also a great beginner palette and as a beginner myself I definitely recommend getting it. If the price point is a bit too steep for you, you should check out Makeup Revolution's dupe for this palette (which is a fraction of TF's price for extremely similar colors)! As much as I like this palette I'm pretty sure when I'm done with it I'll be giving MU's a try just to see if it's really as amazing as some are saying.

My next few blog posts are currently in the works! There'll also be a review on Too Faced's most recent palette, Chocolate Bonbons! Leave any questions/comments below they're always appreciated!


  1. What cute colours! I love Too Faced's make up, especially the chocolate palette. They smell so good~

    1. This pallette smelled so good I sat and smelled it for at least 10 minutes when I first got it haha! (I tasted a small bit too and it's still chocolatey ah...)

  2. I love that palette. I really wanna try the other ones, but haven't gotten around to purchasing them.

  3. I love this brand and this palette so so so much ; ; but it's expensive for me!