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Monday, June 15, 2015

♥ N.Y.X Haul ♥

This blog post is about a small NYX order that I made a few weeks ago!! It was my first time using their website and they had some eyeshadow palletes on sale at the time so I decided to order some and a few other products I've been eyeing! (Thanks to my friend Katherine for the heads up )

The reason I made the order in the first place was because my friend Katherine knew how much I wanted to get better at eyeshadows! At the time the NYX eyeshadow palettes were on sale and she sent me to the "Madeleines and Macarons" palette because it was super similar to the Too Faced "Chocolate Bar"! I'm not very confident in my eyeshadow skills to even jump to TF's palette (it's $49), so the NYX palette was really a gift! I also picked up the "Je Ne Sais Quoi" palette because I thought it was pretty similar to the other half of the "Chocolate Bar"!

I've only really used them for cosplay makeup tests so far and one normal makeup test and I have to say that I really like it! The colors really stand out to me and I can actually see a difference! The colors in the palettes are very cute too c: I can't wait to use them on a more normal basis and to practice! (6/15/15) At the moment they seem to be on sale again (they're usually $10 each)! :>

The next item I ordered was the NYX Eyebrow Shaper ($8.75)! It's a wax stick that you use to tame your eyebrows if they're kinda unruly (which mine can be). I noticed a difference immediately when I used it for my brows before using my eyebrow pencil! It's one of my favorite purchases in this haul and I've been using it every day! I'll definitely re-purchase when I run out! 

I've heard really good things about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams ($6), so I really wanted to give it a try! I wanted to try one of the dark reds, but they were sold out online, so I opted to try a more nude/pink! I got the color "Abu Dhabi" and I found that it was almost the perfect nude for my skin tone! It's more pink on me which I kind of like! 
The consistency is kind of thick, while the applicator is a fuzzy, soft brush (like the old lipglosses in the 90s)! I found it a bit drying, but all matte lippies usually are. After moisturizing my lips, putting this cream on felt like I was applying butter! It was really amazing. I don't really know if I'll re-purchase this color, but I may try another one some day!

The next item I bought was pretty much on a whim! The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4.50)! I bought this color in "Milk", and I've bought "Lavender" previously! I have yet to use this pencil in this color, but I'm mainly thinking about using it strictly for my inner eye corners or waterline for cosplay! I'm sure I'll figure something out! 

Finally, the last item I ordered was the NYX Micro Brow Pencil ($10) in "Espresso"! If you read my NYX Brow Pomade Review, you'd know that I'm not a big fan of cream bases for my eyebrows and that I prefer pencils! I had to order this pencil online because my local Ulta didn't have it in the shade I needed, so I'm glad to have finally tried it. As with the NYX pomade, this brow pencil is meant to be a dupe of the infamous Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil! I've used the ABW pencil before and it's one of my favorite makeup products! However, it's pretty pricey and after using them I always found it difficult to shell out $20+ dollars for a new pencil. 
NYX's Micro Brow Pencil, in my opinion, is a pretty good dupe of the ABW and for the price compared to it you can't go wrong. I'm positive that after I finish this pencil, I'll order a few more online (my store is literally NEVER in stock) so I don't run out! 

I didn't order the NYX Slim Eye Pencil ($3.50), but it came free as a gift from the NYX website! I doubt I'm going to ever use it, I abhor the color green and I don't have any green-haired cosplays haha. I do, however have this pencil in "Charcoal" and "Black" for 2 of my cosplays next month at Anime Expo! Below is an example of the gray pencil! I thought it was a really good pencil for the price and I really liked it! It comes in so many different colors! c:

Overall, I found this order very successful! I'm quite late on getting this haul posted, but I'm glad I finally finished it! I've been very busy lately. I hope you found this post helpful and thank you for reading! If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below!

I hope to get at least one more blog post done before I leave for my vacation in two weeks! During that time, I'll be planning/making a huge post about Anime Expo, things I did in California, and what I got!


  1. Those eyeshadow pallets looks pretty sweet, are they well pigmented? c: great post!


    1. I think so! Well-pigmented for the price!

  2. I love the jumbo eye pencils. I have never tried that brow pencil though. I've tried a different one they had and I didn't like the brush it came with.

  3. Great haul! The palettes are pretty. At UIta NYX cosmetics are buy one get one 50% off I can't wait until I can take advantage of that. ^_^