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Sunday, June 21, 2015

6/20/2015: Lush Cosmetics and The Legend of Zelda Symphony ♡ (Pic Heavy)

Today's blog post is about my day and night yesterday! I bought tickets to The Legend of Zelda Symphony about 6 months ago and I was waiting impatiently for it to come around. Thankfully, time between then breezed by and before I knew it, it was time for the symphony c: I'd originally planned to just go to the symphony, but I remembered that there was a physical Lush Cosmetics store (Lush is a shop that sells all natural bath, face, and makeup products!) in Austin and it was really close to the place where my symphony was being held! 
Anyways, enough of my rambling! On with the post! 
I spent the beginning of my day working on last minute cosplay details and props waiting for the day to go by, so I could leave for Austin, TX! I didn't really plan an elaborate cosplay or outfit for the symphony, so I chose a comfortable, but cute one! 
♥ Cardigan: Forever 21
♥ Dress: Old Navy 
♥ Shoes: Aliexpress 
I did, however, wear my Heart Container necklace specifically for the concert ;v; The cashier at Lush called it gorgeous! It's one of my favorite accessories (for good reason), so that compliment made me really happy!~
The weather on the drive was insanely rainy, so much so that I couldn't even see the road in front of me! (Thank goodness my mother decided to drive me down.)

When we finally got to Lush I had about 15 minutes to look around and shop before the theater opened it's doors to allow people inside to check in! 
This store was in such a small space we almost drove right past it, honestly!

The inside of the store was bright and had so many things on display! I've never been to a physical Lush store before then, but I'm happy to say I'd love to visit it again! I ended up getting a moisturizer, a toner spray, and a face mask! (I'll show everything at the end of the post!) I talked my mom into getting a bath bomb (she has a beautiful bathtub at home! I prefer showers not baths so I wasn't interested in the bombs!) and a face mask!

After my little Lush detour, I got dropped off at the symphony, checked in, and stood in line at the merch line! It was pretty long, but I had my 3DS on me so I played a bit of Fire Emblem: Awakening while waiting and deciding what to get! 
I saw these cuties in line and politely asked for photos! There were so many adorable Zelda cosplayers there, I was really happy! 
When I got to my seat it was about 20 minutes before the concert started! I had really good seats and nobody around me had a weird body odor so I was very satisfied! I was literally about 5 rows from the stage, so I could see the players' faces and hear the practicing little things which pumped me up even more!!
I wasn't sure if photos and videos were allowed during the concert, so I took them as stealthily as I could! I recorded clips on my Snapchat also (they probably won't delete until later tonight so if you wanna hear some @babysadist is my Snapchat!)!

While the Symphony played (and the lovely Orchestra sang), the giant screen above the stage played cutscenes from various Legend of Zelda games to fit the music ;v; I got overly emotional and cried a few times while it was going on, because of the beautiful music and the feelings that made me relive the games. 

Since it was my first Zelda symphony my friends wished me a good time and one even said that it would change my life (it did)! It's one of the things I'll never regret going to and after the symphony was over, I already started plans to hopefully see it again next year. 

I'll never forget the night I spent in Hyrule...(hehe)
These are the items I purchased from Lush while I was there! 

I decided on Skin Drink, a moisturizer for dry skin (mine is a bit of a combination, so I hope it works out well :<...)! A little goes a very long way, as I took a small-ish glob from the jar and had my face looking and feeling super greasy ;~; when I used less in the morning it felt a lot less greasy! I'm not sure if it penetrates my skin, being so heavy, but I'll use it for a couple more days to continue testing it out!  
 The Cupcake face mask is a chocolate mud mask! I can smell a hint of chocolate in it, which makes me hungry, but overall it smells more like mud to me :> I'm trying it out as I type this now, so I don't really know how to feel about it initially!~ It's not order-able online since it has to be refrigerated, so I'm glad I picked it up at the store when I did!
The last thing I picked up was the Eau Roma Water, which is a lavender toner water for sensitive skin! I have the Tea Tree Water and absolutely love it, so I'm hoping I feel the same about this one :> It smells super great, and I read somewhere that it helps your skin absorb moisturizers better if you spray before putting your moisturizer on! 

 The merch I got from the Symphony was the program, which gives information about the symphony, the creators and musical creator of The Legend of Zelda franchise, the Symphony movements (or song list, for you non-ex-band geek folks), and a gameology! I also got this massive poster advertising the show! 
I would've gotten the tshirt that was being sold, but I thought it was very ugly and not worth the $25! 
I think last night was one of the best days I've had in 2015, so far! I can't wait to go to Lush again, and I really can't wait to go the the Symphony again next year! 

Right now, however, I'm gonna be focused on next week! That's the week I leave for California to go to Anime Expo from the 2nd to the 5th! I'm so excited, it's been so long since I've taken a plane and even longer since I've actually left Texas to go on vacation! 

Hope you all have been having a nice summer and as always, thanks for reading! Leave any comments/questions below or go here!


  1. I love Lush, they always have amazing products! You're so lucky to have gone to the Symphony! I would love to go to one but i don't think they've ever done one here in the UK..

    Great post!
    Minae ♥ | Minaekei

  2. I watched all your stories on snapchat, it sounded so wonderful! I really want to try that face mask, I hope you will write about it later to let us know how you feel about it c: (and the thing you read about the toner helping to absorb better is all true!) Lovely post! ♡


    1. I'll try to use it lots to see how I like it <3 Thanks for reading love!

  3. Sounds like the Zelda Symphony was fun!

  4. A fabulous day with Lush and Zelda. I need to resist the urge to step into Lush because I know I'm not going out of the store empty-handed. I just discovered your blog and especially love your post on American Apparel dupes x


    1. Haha, believe me I definitely understand about not leaving empty-handed. And thank you for reading! I'm glad you found me ♡!

  5. HAHAH!!! Sounds like one heck of a day... hmmm... I've never bought anything from lush before, but I think I might OuO