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Thursday, May 21, 2015

♡~Tips on Starting a New Wardrobe!~♡

Hello everyone! Today, this blogpost is basically an update of a blog post that I wrote about 2 years ago (that I have since deleted!). I'm going to give a few tips about how to start a new wardrobe if you want to change around your clothing style, add onto it, or completely do away with your current style for a new one! All of these tips are my personal opinion and you can absolutely add onto it or take away whatever you please c: I hope you like it!
Now the first topic that I think is important is what you can do, or what you want to do with your current clothing/closet! Personally, I tried to pick and choose through what I had to see if it could be used with the clothing style that I wanted! For example, if I had a navy blue cable knit sweater and I wanted to dress in a more simplistic, princess-y style I would most likely donate or try to sell the sweater because the color doesn't really match well with the style that I want (for example, white, creams, beiges, pinks, pastels, etc.)! I sell my gently used clothing items on my Storenvy here! If you do make a purchase, please only pay by Paypal c:


While it's easy to just pick and choose clothes that you like even though they don't fit into the same style category, (if you do this do your thing c:!!) sometimes it's always easier to know what colors that you wanna wear and that you like to wear to better visualize the style you want! Fashion inspiration sets and/or people really help!


Getting the basics of your wardrobe down is always the best thing you could do to start a revamp of your style! Basics are usually quite cheap and easily found in many different clothing stores!

Basic wardrobe items are the best things to build up, in my opinion, when you're starting a new wardrobe/style! Simple colored tops, cardigans, or skirts are great items to make more than one outfit.

♥ Cardigans & Sweaters
My mother always tells me that you can never have enough cardigans, and I take that advice to heart! Cardigans are easy to find, come in various colors, styles, and thicknesses! I usually wear a cardigan anytime I wear a dress with straps, no matter the weather because I can easily take it off if need be! 

This is my favorite cardigan because it's a neutral color, goes with many dresses/outfits, the style is super cute, and it's not too thin or too thick! It can be worn all year round~ ♡ 


All of the skirts pictured above are from American Apparel! They're really versatile and they come in a lot of different colors and fabrics, denim and corduroy beings the two I have! They're a bit pricey, but some can be found on AA's big sales every once in a while (that's how I got the mint one~!) or bought preowned from other people on selling apps like Depop (I use this!), Vinted, Storenvy, etc.  

Above are some examples of simple tops that you can use for a myriad of outfits also! T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and crop tops are some of my favorites! Cute prints and styles are things to pay attention to when buying cute basics c: 

Also, I love buying t-shirts just for lounging around in or for my lazy days! I have a lot in black and white, but some can easily be worn with my skirts and a cardigan! I find some of these shirts just as versatile as my skirts 

Blouses are tops that seem more flow-y and can be worn during more formal occasions, job interviews, or casually! These are the clothing items I have the least amount of, but I'm doing my best to build them up! I mostly get white blouses so they can match with any of my skirts! 

My favorite items to wear are dresses! Since my style is pretty light-colored, I only have a few dark dresses, but I'm starting to incorporate monochrome combinations into my style since it's pretty simple!~ It's easier than I thought it would be! Anyway, dresses are super easy to dress up or down, and some can be super comfortable! 

I don't have many bags or purses, but the ones that I do have are neutral so they can match with lots of outfits! I really want a pink or lavender purse, but I'll get one eventually! 

♥ Shoes
(sorry about my dog being in the photo, he refused to leave haha!)
Shoes are the most important part of an outfit, besides the outfit itself! If you don't have shoes to match an outfit, sometimes it can be harder to make an outfit look better! Shoes make or break an outfit, in my opinion. I try not to go overboard on buying shoes because sometimes it could be a waste of money if there's nothing to match it with! 
So if I like a pair of shoes, I try to make up at least 3 outfits in my mind from my closet to match them with. If I can't really make a match, then I hold off on buying them. 
My favorite places to shop are listed below and I'll be sure to link them and give a short description as well!

American Apparel: The basics are really nice here, but can be pricey! I really recommend the skirts I talked about above, but you could find cheaper, good quality basics elsewhere  
ASOS: I like getting shoes here, especially on sale! Items are reasonably priced here and you can get all sorts of things!
Taobao: I'd recommend this if you want to buy in bulk and if you have experience buying from here! I have a tutorial on how to shop on Taobao on my blog if you wanna give it a try c: 
Forever 21: This is an ok place to get some basics to start off with, but quality can be subpar and I don't like shopping here unless the items are really cute! There are some cheap, cute clothing items here, but some items can be priced more than I believe they should be worth. 
Aliexpress: I love shopping here very much for clothes and shoes, but especially for American Apparel dupes (blog post coming soon!!!!). This is similar to eBay, but most of the prices are closer to Taobao pricing (which is super cheap) than eBay is! Pay close attention to feedback/reviews like eBay and it's smooth sailing 
Dollskill: This has a good selection of different clothing styles! And it divides them up by the clothing style you like! (I just hit up the 'Coco' style tab!) Some items can be very expensive, so I just usually roam the clearance! They frequently have sales and I haven't shopped with them for a while since my style has become more subdued honestly, but it's still fun to look around 
Modcloth: I really love Modcloth!! It's a more vintage online shop, but some of the items are super adorable and simple! It takes some look throughs since some items are more expensive than others, but you can sometimes find really cute deals on here c: I got my black and light pink collared dresses (pictured above) from Modcloth a few years ago! 
Storenvy/Depop: These stores/online shopping platforms take some serious look throughs, honestly. If you're fairly confident in your search skills and don't mind buying preowned (and sometimes new) clothing (which I don't mind sometimes!) online shopping apps and platforms would be the best for you! You can sometimes find hidden gems! I found my beige cardigan (the one I called my favorite above) from a seller on Storenvy for less than half the original retail price! I'd wanted it for 2 years before and it sold out before I could get it so I was extremely lucky to have gotten it on Storenvy! ♥ 
eBay: I also shop on eBay for clothing or shoes! eBay sells a lot of different items, but I love looking for shoes on here because I find Chinese shoes more adorable than shoe stores around me (girly styles and bows are KO's for me let me be honest)! You can also find basics on this site to start you off with! HERE is an eBay seller who's main goal is pretty much selling clothing basics like crop tops, long sleeve shirts, cardigans, etc. I've purchased from them before and they were really quick with shipping and I got my package really fast c: 
Cotton On: This is a really good store for basics also! Most of the style (in my opinion) is very simplistic and there's a lot of denim here, along with simple patterned tops and dresses c: I've shopped here once before and it was really nice! The clearance prices are pretty decent and I'm eyeing a dress in there now!~
H&M: I love online browsing on H&M's site, especially since I don't have a physical store near me! When I browse I like to use the filter to look through clothes only with a specific color (and I always choose white and pink). Most of the clothes are very reasonably priced and they have lots of good items in their sale/clearance! I already have 3 dresses in my cart that I'm waiting to purchase 

Of course, you can always shop around at your local stores! I don't do this very often because I don't have many stores tailored to my style needs, but you might have more stores than I do locally! 
This is the end of my post and I really hope it was helpful to you a little bit! I'm sorry if you found it to be very selective, but this is mostly coming from my own style, opinion, and closet! ;w; 

If you have any questions feel free to send them here or leave it down below! 

Thank you for reading!!     


  1. What a grate post! I need to buy more cardigans! I really liked this post, thank you so much for sharing! ♡


    1. Thank you and you're welcome ♡♡♡♡

  2. I'm so obsessed with this post ;A:!!! I love all of your clothing~ I almost died of cuteness<3 The neutral colored cardigan you have is so perfect and looks very versatile!
    Overall, amazing tips! I agree with your tip that cardigans are essential ^^ And you listed so many of my favorite stores oh my gosh (AA, Taobao, Aliexpress, Modcloth<3333) Thank you so much for sharing!
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. You're welcome ♡♡ I'm glad you enjoyed this c:!!

  3. Great post i would like to start a new wardrobe but i think i need money hahaha

    1. That would be a good start hehe, thank you for commenting ♡!

  4. you have such a cute collection of clothes! they all fit together so nicely in the same aesthetic. goals tbh. im moving so im hoping to do a wardrobe rehaul too.


    1. Thank you SO much ♡ I'm glad you enjoyed it! c:

  5. Lovely post~! Everything is just so cute especially the shoes and cardigans ahh! And you explained this so well with great tips and details~ Thank you for this, it's so inspiring for the new season and all ^^

    ♡ misumipyon.blogpot.com ♡

    1. Thank you and you're very welcome ♡ I'm really happy you found it inspiring :>

  6. I love this post, I'm trying to figure out my new clothing style and this really helped me out!

    Minae | minaekei.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you love c:!! I'm glad you found it helpful ♡

  7. I'm currently building up a Hime gyaru wardrobe slowly on a budget and I definitely agree with the cardigans, my favorite outfits included them <3 I'll probably be referring to this post a lot now on my wardrobe journey <3

    1. Good luck on your journey :> and I'm happy to have helped! ♡

  8. Can I just shop in your closet? Everything is so cute! Wait a minute...is that a Boston Terrier???

    1. Haha thank you ♡ and yes he is c:!

  9. this was the most amazing blogpost ever ♥
    this helped me a lot, because lately i have been hating to wear what's in my closet and honestly change is needed ... badly. ♥