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Thursday, May 21, 2015

ASOS Bag Review ♡

I'm zooming to the next blog post because these bags are very low in stock (if they haven't sold already!)! I've been using this bag as much as I can for the past 2 weeks and here's my review! Please enjoy! 

I ordered the ASOS Scallop Trim Satchel Bag when it was on sale a few weeks ago for $19.50 (originally $33)! I got this bag because I was desperately needing a brown bag to match with my outfits! 
Physically, the bag matches the stock photo exactly! Weirdly enough, when I ordered the bag it didn't have any specifications about the bag size, but now it does? (and they're mixed up..) It had a model holding the bag, and it looked small/medium to me so with that (and the sale price) in mind I ordered it! The bag from my measurements is around 6'' tall, 8'' deep, and 3'' wide!

The little flaps on the front don't magnetically snap closed with the bag like I thought it would, you have to slip it in the loops, which I find so annoying.

ASOS is always really fast with shipping and I usually get my items within a week and a half just on standard shipping! This time felt a bit longer, but I hadn't ordered anything since last year. 
Up close, the bag is a really pretty chocolate brown shade and has a leather feel! (It says "leather-look" on the site, so I'm assuming it's faux leather.) The straps are not adjustable and in my opinion it's kinda short for a crossbody bag. I can wear it across my body and it hits around my waist! (I'm 5'2.5 for reference).

The inside of the bag is this cheap-ish black fabric that seems to be apparent in most bags. There's only one pocket on the inside and it's small so I don't use it at all. 
Since it's only a little over 8'' deep inside I can only fit my keys, cellphone, wallet, lip balm, and pocket Filofax! I like roomier bags where I can hold at least one water bottle, my 3DS or PS Vita, and a book, so the size of this really didn't click with me. 
The handle at the top of the bag is one of my favorite features of it because I can just grab it and go! 
Overall, I use this bag a lot and I'd recommend it if you don't need a lot of room space (like I do!) It's adorable, the scalloped detail is precious, the color goes well with so many different outfits, and it's faux leather material is really durable! 

However, I don't like the size sometimes, the purse strap is shorter than I find comfortable, and the little flaps in the front not being magnetized is a nuisance. 

I give this bag a 7/10!   
Thank you for reading!~


  1. that bag is super cute! im the opposite of you i tend to like smaller bags so i dont carry a bunch of junk with me haha.


  2. That bag was so cute, and it looks adorable on you! I need a bahg where I can fit my make-up bag with all my daily make-up in ; ;
    But this was a lovely review


  3. The design of this bag is adorable! I love the scallop trim, and the handle at the top is cute, too <3
    This is a great review~ but I agree with you that a magnetic closure would definitely be more convenient. I have a bag that has two snap closures and I even find that to be a nuisance to close sometimes, heh heh.
    ~Kiyomi <3

  4. I love the design for this bag! It's so cute. Too bad I've been carrying so much stuff that most likely this bag wouldn't work for me. Unless it's one of those quick runs to the store.

  5. I really like this type of girly design!

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