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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Geocolouredlenses Review: Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green

Today's review is a sponsored one! Geoolouredlenses was kind enough to send me another pair of lenses to review for you guys and these are super great!

Geocolouredlenses is an online company/shop who sell GEO brand circle lenses, which are known for their comfort, ease of use, and many color choices! GEO is the only FDA-approved circle lenses brand and is guaranteed to be safe to use in your eyes :>

The company, Geocolouredlenses, offers free shipping on all orders and uses Paypal to process your orders so it's more secure c:! 

What I chose was the Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green

I was drawn to these because of the gorgeous hazel in the center! It looks gorgeous c: These are around $23 and like I said before Geocolouredlenses offers free shipping on all orders! They also come in prescription lenses c:!!!

They lenses and case were packaged very neatly and safely with some foam c:!

As I pointed out above there's a bit of hazel in the center! It's SO gorgeous!

Here's a picture with one lense in (left) and my normal eye (right)! The lenses do enlarge just a tiny bit but not crazily so c: I still felt like a doll!~

Top: Inside lighting.
Bottom: Outside/Natural lighting.


Shipping: 3/5
I put in the order for these lenses on December 10th and got them January 2nd! Last time I got a shipping notification,this time I didn't! 

Website Layout/Ease of Use: 5/5
This website is so easy to venture through and they're divided into several different categories to make your search easy as pie just like always!

Communication: 3/5
They reply SO quickly it's amazing! The only problem I had this time was that they didn't tell me when it shipped!

Enlargement: 5/5
These lenses are 15 mm in diameter! I think the average eye diameter is around 14-14.2 so these enlarged them quite a bit c:!

Color: 5/5
Absolutely perfect, great for light and dark colored eyes and the hazel in the middle really makes the blending with brown eyes so pretty!

Comfort: 5/5 
I couldn't even feel them once I put the lenses in my eyes! They're super comfortable!

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  1. Those are gorgeous! I'm thinking of getting these or GEO Nudy blue next ♡