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Friday, December 13, 2013

Outfits Inspiration: Bri ♡

Not to sound super superficial, but I have to say I dress kind of cute. I like cute clothes. Pinks, lighter colors, soft fabrics, pretty patterns all make me want to buy immediately and most of the time I can't stop myself from buying whatever it is right then and there. So this post is a post for my cute followers (a.k.a all of u) who wanna have outfits similar to mine! I'm gonna do my best to use clothing that I actually have in my closet, or clothing items that I wanna buy in the future to make these outfits! I hope you enjoy :>

I just bought the dress tonight on Bonne Chance Collections' site! So cute, I'm excited to receive it c: I bought the cardigan on eBay, and you can get it too here, on my eBay vs. Sheinside post! I also have the boots and they're from Lulu's c:!

I bought the dress from Modcloth! So cute c: I love mine very much! I recently bought the shoes from Urban Outfitters, the website, and you can find frilly socks pretty much anywhere little girl socks are sold! 

I have a funny habit of buying really neat t-shirts and stuffing them in skirts :>! It's so comfy and I feel cute at the same time! I bought my denim shirt (which I would wear open with this outfit) from Cottonon! The shoes are from eBay, and I usually buy skirts like above from American Apparel c:!

Like I said above, I have a cute habit of buying neat t-shirts and sticking them in skirts!! The shirt is Milkbbi, the skirt is from Dollskill, and the shoes are Maxstars c: but you can find the shoes on eBay! Just search, 'platform sneakers'!

I recently got comfortable wearing leggings outside! So these are mostly for lazy days c: I only have a black pair of leggings, but I need a better pair c: I have no idea where this sweater is from, but any oversized sweater that covers my bum is what I'd wear with leggings c:!

I bought a daisy sweater on eBay a week or so ago! This is a sort of lazy outfit I'd also wear when I still wanna try to look cute c: I wanna try American Apparel Easy Jeans, but I don't wanna spend $80 on a pair of jeans :c 

Of course when I'm super exhausted and tired I wear skinny jeans and a hoodie c: it's not big deal to me! 

I hope you enjoyed this post c:!


  1. Oh my god, I feel the exact same way as you! I love dressing cute/girly/pastel-ly cause it's just so cute and pretty, you're bound to look that way! And who doesn't want to look cute?! Not to mention, when you wear pastels and lace and sweet little dresses, you just stand out in a crowd of dark colours and skanky tops.

    By the way, these outfits are so cute! I really like the Dollskill bow skirt and the daisy sweater and the bow kitten heels and everything asdfghjkl.


    1. Yes c: and thank you so much! Aha, hopefully this post gave a good idea of my style!!

  2. these are so cute!!! i love when girls have their own cute style like this. ♡

  3. I love your style! Such great choices too! :)

  4. your style is soo sweet! And that pink skirt is to die for Ö