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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Favorite Online Shops! ♡

Hi cuties! Sorry for the late post :c! But at least you'll technically have two for tomorrow/today! :> I shop alot and sometimes I get questions on where I shop so I wanted to make this cute post about my absolute favorite online shops!! I only really shop online for my clothes and cute things, because where I live, I don't like the shops and people kinda dress similar! I'll give a bit of feedback on each shop I recommend, so please enjoy :>~ IT'S NOT IN ORDER BY THE WAY!!


American Apparel is one of my favorites! I love their clothing and I have like 7 of their skirts baha, it's really pricey but the quality is amazing and their online service is top-notch! I live in TX, and I usually get my stuff within a week :> I shop online because the closest AA is over an hour from my home and I'm not about to drive there so...ya! I totes recommend AA! C: I've shopped with them online twice and it was amazing both times!!

This cute shop is a vintage dress shop I reviewed before! Visit the review here. Anyways, they sell tons of gorgeous dresses and all of them are so cute and so reasonably priced!! I've shopped with them twice and they always have a discount floating around and their super sweet on their Twitter (which they're really active on!!)! They have some of the best customer service I've ever dealt with and I can't wait to shop there again c:~ 

Milkbbi is an online shop that I found months and months ago and they have the cutest, trippiest clothing and accessories ever!!! The owner is such a sweetie and he's an amazing artist (he designed all of this!!) I've shopped with him about 3 times and each item that I have is so gorgeous and I'm lucky because they always sell out super fast c:! I'm lucky that I have both shirts above and the sweater in white! I love ALL of it! Currently, he's on hiatus because he's designing new things! So there's a great possibility that the sweater and shirt isn't coming back :c sorry! But when his new stuff comes out check it out!

I just adore Modcloth! I've bought 2 dresses and a pair of socks from there and I still want more! Their items are pretty pricey, but it's so cute!! Plus their shipping costs are pretty great c:!!

I LOVE Dollskill, I've purchases 2 skirts from them (I have the pink version of the skirt up there and yesterday I bought that blue version :>) and their service was amazing. They ship usually within 24hrs and delivery wait time is about 2-4 days!! They're so nice and they have really amazing sales! I got the pink skirt for about $29 when the retail price is like $40!! And I bought the blue during Cyber Monday and it was about $18 :> I can't wait for my next purchase!! 

I've probably shopped here at Amazon like 20+ times because it's so amazing and has everything I could ever ask for! I share my mom's Amazon Prime account so I get things in like 2-3 days! c: Anyways, all of this stuff is things I picked out of my wishlist just to show what you could find there! I ALSO BOUGHT THAT LAVENDER MOON/STAR BED SET YESTERDAY AND IT''S COMING TOMORROW ISN'T IT CUTE?? Just have fun with it and see what you can find c: here's my Amazon wishlist!! c:


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did c: I also like to shop on eBay, Etsy, and F21 (sometimes!).

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  1. Nooooo - I posted a comment and it didn't go through! *Cries* Oh well, I really liked the shops you chose! Especially American Apparel - I super love their skirts but it's just too expensive for me. *Sigh* Maybe when I get a job I'll splurge on shipping them to New Zealand!

    Thanks for the post! Loving Blogmas by the way - I check your blog literally everyday! Maybe have a look at mine and follow me maybe? x