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Sunday, December 1, 2013

♡ Black Fridays Buys ♡

On the first day of Blogmas, my paycheck gave to me..~Everything I wanted on Black Friday weeeeeek~~

Howdy cuties! If you haven't figured already, I'm doing Blogmas and that means I'm posting at least once everyday! Today I'm gonna showcase what I purchased Black Friday week!! 

Bunny Hoodie from Cottonon

Dress from Modcloth

Cardigan from Ebay

Link Figma from Amazon

Shoes from Ebay

Denim Shirt from Cottonon

Circle Skirts from American Apparel

Arpakasso from Ebay

That's it for my first day of Blogmas!! Most of this stuff should come in this week or next week and I'm so excited!~ I also bought a few more things, but I didn't put them in this post :> 

Have a great day/night~

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  1. Absolutely love the bunny hoody, cardigan and the circle skirts! xx

  2. I absolutely fall in love swith the bunny hoodie and the dress (☆。☆) =3

    Mickey // http://spookypastel.blogspot.com/

  3. those shoes are absolutely adorable ohmygod i need ;-; i really want an arkpasso but i keep getting too poor on clothes for cute things like plushies wah ♡♡ also LOVE american apparel skirts!