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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School Cuteness ♡

I'm finally back with another blog post! This one didn't take as long as the last because it's one of my favorite blog posts to make! I started another semester at college the other day and I feel like I've been shopping nonstop to get ready for it (and also to treat myself~)! 

Today's blog post will be a showing of what I've gotten myself and I'll be linking you to cute things for your back to school shopping! Hope you enjoy!~

American Apparel Cities Bag Replica (Aliexpress) Crybaby Top (eBay) the POREfessional by Benefit Pink A5 Planner (Aliexpress) Pink Plaid Skirt (Storedogdog.net) Pink Ballerina Platforms (Taobao) Crying Eyes Crop Top & Skirt (eBay) Heart Purse (Bought from a friend on Depop, but it can be found on eBay!!) Pink/White/Mint Dresses (Taobao) Pink Coat (Aliexpress) Cream Cardigan (Taobao)

Here's a couple of things that I hope gets you into the back to school spirit! Cute finds for my precious followers 

Rilakkuma Post-It Notes (This seller is one of my favorites! Quick shipping and super cute sticky notes and whatnot!~)


I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm really excited for the things I ordered to come in (especially the Taobao items), so expect a few reviews coming your way! If you see something in my personal back to school shopping list that you want to see reviewed please let me know! 

Good luck to everyone starting school (and to the ones who've already started it!) and do your best! I'm going to finally get back on track with my blog list on the left side of my blog! 

Have a great day/night everyone! 


  1. So much cute stuff! I want some of it really bad ♡ I just started at uni~~ good luck in school you too! (。・ω・。)


    1. Super good luck to you, precious!! ♡ Uni can get hard, but I'm sure you can do it! Thanks for reading c:

  2. Such cute stuff! Love those rilakkuma water bottles. Good luck at college! ^^


  3. waa everthing is so cute, I want the sailormoon backpack and all the Rilakkuma stuffs haha


  4. I love back to school posts! You bought some ultra cute outfits <3
    I've been eyeing that pink coat for almost a year and I still haven't gotten round to buying it yet xD

    Minae ♥ Minaekei

  5. So many things on this post that I want to get. Even though I'm going to online school and no one will really see anything I carry, but I still want everything.

  6. Really cute things *-* thank you for share!
    I'm new follower, visit my blog if you want :3

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