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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Taobao Haul!~♥ (PIC HEAVY)

I've finally gotten through the spring semester and had time to finish my Taobao Haul post (which is a few weeks overdue, I apologize!)

I hope you enjoy!~

As with my past Taobao orders, I used Bhiner

 ♥ Order/First Payment: 4/9/2015 
 ♥ Second Payment (after items all arrived at the Bhiner warehouse): 4/20/2015 
 ♥ Shipped: 4/21/2015 or 4/22/2015 
 ♥ Delivered: 4/30/2015 

When I received the box it was really heavy! It was about 4 kg, which is roughly 8 or 9 pounds. (shipping was a nightmare, a bit more than $70 ha)

This is everything out of the box and the shoes I took out of their shoeboxes! I usually have my shoes shipped without shoeboxes, but without the shoeboxes the overall weight of my package didn't change much, so Bhiner just shipped them with the shoeboxes. 

(heh you can see my bra! thinness test we'll call it~)

The first item I opened up was the cream/white top! It really needed to be ironed haha, but it fit surprisingly well, the sleeves weren't too short, and the overall the style was extremely cute and pretty! It was thin, but not in a bad way! I'll happily wear this on chillier Spring days and especially during the Fall time~ This was around $9 so it was well worth the price!

♥ I give this a 9.5/10! 

The next item I opened up was this American Apparel knockoff backpack c:! The original AA backpack is somewhere up to $50 while this knockoff was around $14! The quality is AMAZING and the denim feels really similar to the original. The zippers work cleanly, there was a sort of smell that easily went away a few hours later, and it even had a "Made in USA" tag much like the original! This knockoff was really great and I've been using it for the last few days of school, I bring it to work with me, and I'm planning on taking it with me to Anime Expo in California!~

It's easily found on Aliexpress for around $20-30 if you don't want to go the Taobao route~

I give this bag a 10/10! 

The next item I opened was this Angelic Pretty Cosmic Series (?) replica! I fell in love with the print as soon as I saw it and was really excited to receive it! In person, the print is really clear, the dress is a nice chiffon and a cream/beige color, and the collar is really ruffly and cute! It also had dress ties on each side!
The only thing I didn't like was how puffy the sleeves were..

The dress also came with two different detachable bows and they were both a sparkly black c: 

Here's a few photos of me in the dress:

Without the tie, the dress is really shapeless (even more-so than a babydoll-style dress) and with the tie, the dress seems too tube-like :c The puffy sleeves will make it harder to wear normally but with my oversized cardigans it seems like it'd be a cuter look! I'm not sure if I want to sell this or keep this, but for now I'll be keeping it! 

Since it's such an open fit (and I believe meant for Lolita coords and petticoats I suppose?) it looks a bit awkward on my petite frame, but I'm sure that if I wasn't wearing it so casually it'd look much better so I don't blame anything! 

I give this a 7/10! 

I also got these American Apparel knockoff spandex croptops! I've gotten a polka dot once from Taobao before and it's one of my favorite shirts They're comfortable, quality, and I needed basic colors and I'm happy that I got these!~

I give these a 10/10! 

The cosplay glasses were around $2-3 and I can't really say anything for or against them! I found it strange that they didn't come with lenses, but since I'll be wearing circle lenses and false eyelashes, it's probably for the best that they don't!

I give them a 7/10 

My cosplay for Seo Yuzuki was also something I looked extremely forward to! It was a ready-to-ship already made cosplay in sizes S-L, and I ordered L after looking at the size chart~ (Chinese sizing is small than US sizing haha). 
The fit of the cosplay is just a wee bit bigger than me, but it's nothing a few alterations won't fix in like an hour or so ♥ 
Aside from the sizing, the quality of this cosplay is really great! 
There weren't any loose ends on any of the fabrics or pieces, my pleated skirt was sewn perfectly and the pleats were nice and crisp! I'm most likely going to buy my own white button up shirt (especially with short sleeves) because this white button up was really huge on me! The jacket was huge on me too, but like I said it's nothing a few alterations can't fix 

Seo's wig was EXTREMELY voluminous, the color was spot on with the listing photo, and it was really thick and pretty! There weren't any tangle issues and it could be used right out of the package! (I'm going to style the bangs a bit better though because the side piece was a bit long and I had to tuck it behind my ear.)

The indoor shoes were really quite inexpensive ($2-3) and for the price I didn't expect much! They're comfortable, helped me realize my correct Chinese shoe sizing (I'll get to this in a second!!!), and the only flaw that I could see with them was the blue glue stain at the front! They're really lightweight and comfortable, like I said, so I can't wait to wear these with my cosplay (and future cosplays!)

I give the cosplay an 8/10 
I give the wig a 9.5/10 
I give the indoor shoes an 8/10 

Here are some test photos!:

My apologies for using repeat photos, but I wasn't able to remember to take photos of the bow shoes that I ordered! I had hoped that I ordered the correct size, but I didn't once again haha;; They were a bit too small for me wide feet and they were really uncomfortable! I have since sold them to a friend and ordered a new pair from Aliexpress in the next size up! They were way cheaper from Taobao, but considering fees and shipping it would've been around the same price if I had reordered from Taobao instead of Aliexpress!

The indoor shoes I ordered were a size EU 40, while these were a size EU 39! I'm normally a US Women's 8, but I sometimes go up a half size, depending on the width of the shoe! Since Chinese shoes are usually very narrow, I mistakenly thought that ordering my US size counterpart (EU 39) would be ok, but it wasn't! They fit my feet PERFECTLY, which is personally a huge issue for me because I like my toes to have space! The indoor shoes gave me that space and made me realize my actual Chinese shoe size! The EU 40 counterpart is roughly a US 9, so I'm sure that it'll fit! 

The shoes were of perfect quality and quite perfect! I just ordered the wrong size and can't wait for my new size shoes to come in a few days  

Without my error on sizing in this mix, I give the shoes themselves a 9/10! 

I hope that this post was a sufficient start to the summer (well summer for me anyway)! I'm hoping to write more and more since I'll have a bit more time on my hands, but we'll see because I'm trying to get a second job to save up more money!

Also, please look forward to upcoming posts as I'll have a few reviews of items that I've purchased!
Here's a few more things I've added to my "upcoming posts" list to review on the left side of my blog (if you're on desktop mode, not mobile you'll see it!)!

I'm planning on reviewing these shoes once they deliver to me! 

My next blog post will either be another short filler like the last or another picture heavy post! If all goes well, my "Tips on Starting a New Wardrobe/Style!" will be next!!!!~

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions/comments leave them below or send them here!


  1. Nice, I like the cosmic replica most of all. Do you recommend bhiner? I never used them before.

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. Yes, I do! I have a tutorial I typed up from last year also.

  2. Yesss I have been waiting for this post!♡ that first sweater was really pretty, and you look really greate in that cosplay!!! Thank you for another lovely post! c:


    1. Thank you lovely! You're so sweet ♡

  3. Great haul Bri!! Everything is so cute and very you! ♥
    If it's not too much to ask, do you mind sharing the link(s) to the AA crop tops and indoor shoes? >.< They are super cute!

    ( misumipyon.blogspot.com )

    1. I don't add links because I don't save them! A simple search with Google translate is honestly all you need. Taobao is flooded with these items. Thank you for your comment bb! ♡

  4. Such a great post, Brianna!! ;A; I love everything~ the first shirt you got is so cute (as well as everything else)! (^・ω・^ ) And you make a great Seo! Thank you so much for sharing all of this.
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. Thank you, Kiyomi :> I'm glad you liked it <33

  5. Knowing me and how I can't control myself, my shipping would probably add up to 70 dollars too :c
    Everything was so cute!