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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Asian Market Food Haul!~☆

Yesterday, I went to my local Asian market to stock up on snacks and to try a few new things! Since I moved I don't live as close to it as I did before, so a 5 minute drive down the road has turned into a 20 minute drive across town so I tried stocking up until next time ;v; Anyways, on with the blog post!

Here's a haul picture of everything that I bought! (yum yum)

I got this huge box of chocolate Pocky that was on sale for half price!~ I also got a small box of Mactha Green Tea Pocky which was also on sale. I've never had green tea flavored snacks, so it was my first time but it was really yummy and reminded me of a vanilla snack with an herbal kick? I don't know if that makes sense but it was really yummy! The round bread thing is just a normal sponge cake that one of my old friends from high school used to give me every once in a while c: it's really sweet and filling. The black bag in the top right corner is Meiji Best 3 chocolate! One of my best friends sent me the "Black" flavored chocolate of this bunch and it was super amazing! I love dark chocolate, so that was probably why haha. I can't wait to try the two other flavor, "Hi-Choco" and "Milk Chocolate"! 

I bought this box of chocolate ice cream mochi to try because I hoped that I would like it more than normal mochi! I tried one, and while it was easier to eat than normal mochi, it still makes me nauseous if I eat it too fast or too much at one time  I guess I'm not a mochi person haha. The ice cream in this was smooth and creamy and yummy though~

There's a fish market in the market/grocery store that I go to, so I picked up some fresh salmon there c: Salmon is my favorite fish, so I couldn't resist! I love it cooked and raw~

I've always seen "instant" rice bowls, but have never tried it so I grabbed one to try c: And to go with it, I grabbed some instant miso soup! There were two flavors, tofu and green onion, but I picked tofu because I'm already used to that in the miso soup I've had before. The miso soup was a tiny bit saltier than what I've had, but it's not bad for instant c: Roasted seaweed sheets are one of my favorite snacks to eat with rice or just alone! It's supposedly really healthy, but to be honest I don't focus on the health factor of most foods I eat haha, I should get better at that. Anyway, the udon packet was really cheap and I truly just wanted to give it a try, nothing special! 

When I made lunches last year I tried to make them as simple as possible! Rice, seaweed, fruits, and a few meats (salmon, beef sausage, turkey, etc.). They're all foods I enjoy no matter how they're cooked/made so it was easier to eat! I didn't have these tools above to make it easier for me to section off my rice so I bought it all this time so I'd be better prepared for next time~ The little rice log (lol) makers were really helpful! I made 3 rolls filled with raw salmon and a bit of salt and they were great! 

Finally, while I was in the seaweed aisle there was this little triangle rice ball making kit! It was a dollar more than just the seaweed in this brand, so I opted to try it!~ The instructions were on the back of the seaweed packet, along with the plastic wrappers and stickers! It took some practice, but after my 3rd rice ball I think I got it down ok haha! I actually made some to eat for snacks at school because I usually skip breakfast a lot in my haste to get ready (seriously I hate mornings...). It was really filling and I can't wait to make more woo~

All in all, I'm happy with this haul! Most of it was really yummy and will last me for a bit. 

Updates!! I added a search bar to the top right of my blog (if you're on mobile of course it won't show, so check desktop!~), I'm going to be adding an "Upcoming Blog Posts" section hopefully with possible dates so you know when to check back on my blog!! I'm trying to write at least one post a week and I think I've been doing an ok job c: 

My Taobao order shipped yesterday, so when it comes in I'll be sure to write a haul/review post! And I bought this cute bag that I'll be sure to review for you all too! 

School is getting more hectic as the semester is ending, so I'll be sure to do my best writing blog posts, wish me luck!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or comment below! 
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  1. So mush yummy stuff! I really like that matcha pocky, its so good! And that onigiri maker was really clever! Lovely post♡
    I'm glad to ser you blog more often as well c:

    http://chirikku.blogspot.com/ ♡

  2. Omoo everything looks so yummy! The mochi ice cream seems so delicious :D Hope you have a great day darling :D


    1. Sorry for the late reply c: Thanks for your comment and you have a lovely day also <3~

  3. @BreakingSunshineApril 30, 2015 at 8:54 AM


    Every time i see pocky, i get super hungry, so I'm a bit envious lol. Anyway, i want to ask a kind of personal question, which you dont have to answer if it is uncomfortable.

    Okay, my question is: Immersed in asian culture as you are, do you ever get "looks" or get questioned as to why you are in an asian market? As a person of color myself, im Latino by the way, i get looks for going to asian markets and buying pocky, salmon, etcetera. If so how do you deal with it?

    By now I, myself am used to it as I do not limit myself to my own biological culture as I have an asian hair stylist, work taking care of an elderly couple from Hong Kong and etcetera. But it does get tiring after a way. Really surprising is that other races have no problem seeing a Latino walk with an asian couple through an all exclusive asian community.

    Thanks for hearing me out,


    1. Hello! Your question doesn't make me uncomfortable at all! In my town, it's really a huge mixture of different cultures, races, etc. so seeing different people of all backgrounds in my asian market isn't really surprising to anyone c: There are Asians who work there, but also people of different backgrounds working there so I don't really get any strange looks or notice!

      Thanks for your comment c: