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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stay Cute Pom Beanie Review~

Today's a mini post that I thought I wouldn't have to write but people ask me how it is so I thought why don't I make a post on it?!

I'll also do a kind of review of Stay-Cute the shop itself at the bottom for those of you who are
wondering about that!! c:~

This is a beanie from the shop stay-cute! I've been wanting it forever and last week I decided to splurge on it since colder weather was FINALLY happening in Texas :>! 

It was really soft and thick and very warm when I took it out of the package! It's also sort of longer than it looks, but it's ok! The cuteness makes up for it! The pattern and color scheme is perfect and I can picture so many outfits with it!~ 

I have short hair so it looks weird on me ;~; but I keep all of my hair out of it when I wear it so I'm slowly getting comfortable wearing beanies, because I have little to no experience wearing many hats!

This is from today and I adore the beanie c:! I sort of wear it like a pseudo-Santa hat and it looks adorable and people ask me where I bought it c:!~

Shipping/Handling: I ordered my beanie from stay-cute on October 30th, it shipped the 31st, and I got it in the mail on November 4th! Really great shipping if you ask me c:~ 5/5
Price: The beanie itself is $20, not counting shipping costs! I thought it was a bit expensive, but considering how much I'm planning on using it, the price is totally worth it! 4/5
Quality: The quality of the beanie is amazing, thick and warm! The pom is sewed on securely and I'm not worried that it's gonna fall or tear off c:! 5/5

I'm completely satisfied with my purchase! I ordered the "Too Cute To Prostitute' tank top months ago on their old Storenvy shop, but it seems as if their service went from good to great since they moved to their official site! They sell all types of cute clothing and accessories in the shop and I'm still struggling on what to buy next c: Here's a few of my favorites though!

Check out their shop here! Also follow their Twitter for the latest releases, sales, etc.!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading babes!


  1. holy maccaroni your blog is soo cutee
    and i love the moccasins youre wearing. i want a pair as well but i havent found a nice one yet :c
    id love for you to check out my blog as well~

    1. Thank you so much! I bought my moccasins from Payless :-)!

  2. aw the models for stay cute are my friends from high school <3

    1. That's so cool!~ They model the clothes quite well :>

  3. I love the Stay Cute range! Glad to hear that the beanies are worth the price, might have to invest. Thanks love! P.s. Beanie looks cute on you! Xo

  4. I've been eyeing this beanie for awhile and I'm glad that you posted a review on it :3

    By the way, I just recently discovered your blog and I love what you post :)
    It would be really awesome if you could check out my blog too :3 I just recently started it~