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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cute Backpacks for QTs~♡

Ok! So when I started school my backpack got a hole in it, literally on the first day of classes and I was sad :c so I've been looking for a new backpack for the past 2 weeks! I thought I'd be nice and give you links to the cute ones I've found :> so here we go!

This is one of the backpacks I want to get for myself! I'm just iffy about spending around $32 for it ;-; at the same time I want it because it's just like the American Apparel backpack but cheaper! I may literally end up splurging on it because I need the space for my buttons and future patches :> (expect a blog post on that one day!~)

This is my second choice backpack! It's SUPER cute and I saw Jasmine Blu review it, but I didn't want to pay like $40 for it from Dainty on Storenvy, so I found it on ebay for like $10 cheaper :> I might end up buying the first one instead simply because it won't have a lot of space for me (and I desperately need it in and out!).



I see this backpack everywhere! And I know Lost Mannequin has some expensive backpacks that look like this and this is China's cheaper version! I'd never get it myself but it's still a nice backpack :>

So cute and so minty it also comes in other colors :>~

I love this backpack so much!~ But I need a more practical backpack :'> so I'm choosing another~

This backpack is so lovely! I see it all the time on Ebay but this is one of the versions I found that's cheapest with free shipping :> the pleather or whatever isn't for me and my cute buttons though so I'm passing on this! It really reminds me of a Gyaru or Hime-style backpack a lot :>


That's the end of the post!I hope you enjoyed this post and if you're a broke ass college student like me and are in need of a cute backpack like me I hope you enjoyed it most :> most of these come in different colors so be sure to check them out :>! Love you bye bye!

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